France: a turning for costume jewelry

France: un braquage pour des bijoux de fantaisie

MARSEILLE, France – Three men, perpetrators of a robbery almost perfect, walked away with costume jewelry on Friday in Marseille, France.

The three suspects, gloved, hooded and armed with kalashnikovs, attacked the conveyors come to the edge of an armoured vehicle, deliver a jewelry store of a shopping mall, reported Saturday the newspaper “The Province”.

In haste, the robbers were taken at random cartons to the inside of the van, before setting fire to their vehicle, to take flight to the edge of another car.

Lack of pot, cards stolen did not contain real jewelry. In other words, the robbers left with jewelry, fancy that they have discovered once away from the scene of the crime.

The stolen pieces have constituted a prize of 6000 euros (9000 $), whereas the value of the items left in the armoured vehicle, was above 600 000 € (900 000 $), depending on the details of the prosecutor of the Republic, cited by the newspaper.

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