France announces easing of health restrictions

France announces easing of health restrictions


French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday evening the gradual lifting, from February 2, of restrictions intended to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the wearing of a mask outdoors imposed in certain zones.

On this date, i.e. nine days after the entry into force scheduled for Monday of the vaccination pass, the gauges will be removed in places open to the public and teleworking will only be “recommended” , he said.

The vaccination pass, succeeding the health pass for people over 16, must come into force on Monday and be used to access leisure activities, restaurants and drinking establishments, fairs, seminars and trade shows as well as transport. interregional public.

Its establishment, which should make it possible to “lift most of the restrictions taken” according to Mr. Castex, remains suspended on a decision Friday of the Constitutional Council, seized by deputies and senators of the opposition.

Discotheques, closed for the first time for sixteen months, reopened in July and then closed again on December 10, because considered conducive to contamination, may reopen on February 16.

Also from February 16, Standing concerts will be able to resume, standing consumption will again be possible in bars and will again be possible in stadiums, cinemas and transport. February holidays, no later than March 7 in certain regions.

At the same time, the government announced the opening of the recall, without obligation, for adolescents aged 12 to 17.


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