France : autopsy of a bear shot in the Pyrenees

France : autopsie d’un ours abattu dans les Pyrénées

A young brown bear shot dead in the French Pyrenees, the second found dead since the beginning of the year in these mountains, had to be autopsy on Wednesday at the veterinary school of Toulouse, in the south-west of France, announced the prosecutor of Foix.

The remains of this male 4 or 5 year old was discovered Tuesday in the Ariège, bearing traces of fire balls, which triggered the indignation of the authorities, and the announcement of a forthcoming filing of a complaint by the State.

“All means are implemented to identify the author or authors. As of this morning, it is the subject of an autopsy at the veterinary school of Toulouse, ” said the prosecutor Laurent Dumaine, during a press conference.

The survey was open for ” unauthorized destruction of a protected species “, an offence punishable by three years imprisonment and $ 225,000 fine.

This bear from 150 to 200 pounds, according to the authorities, has not been identified. It was not fitted with collar location as the bears coming from Slovenia reintroduced in the massif.

The plantigrade has been discovered in an area of steep near the Circus of Gérac, at 1800 meters of altitude, from where it was transported by helicopter to a mountain path.

Experts of the French Office for the biodiversity, have found the bear while conducting observations of predation after the breeders had said of the sheep killed.

It is the minister of the ecological Transition, Elizabeth Bollard, who announced his death, saying that the State was going to file a complaint.

The organisations for the defence of the bear in the Pyrenees have also announced their intention to file a complaint.

This is the second bear found dead in the Pyrenees this year. In April, the remains of Catechu, a male born in 2015, had been discovered in the Val d’aran (Spain). The causes of his death have not been disclosed.

Virtually disappeared in the early 1990s, the brown bear has regained its rights in the Pyrenees, after reintroductions began in 1991 of specimens from Slovenia. The breeders, however, believe their presence is incompatible with the pastoral activity.

The number of bears in the Pyrenees has now reached over 50 individuals, according to the authorities, which however, does not guarantee the survival of the species.

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