France: caregivers in the street to remind Macron to his promises

France: les soignants dans la rue pour rappeler Macron à ses promesses

After three months of a health crisis during which they were hailed as “heroes”, tens of thousands of workers marched Tuesday in France to claim more resources, and to recall the government to its promises on the hospital.

Of sometimes violent confrontations involving thugs, however, have tarnished several fashion shows, including Paris, to the despair of the protesters, and the president of the Association of emergency physicians of France, Patrick Pelloux, who said he is “totally bummed”.

The caregivers, mostly nurses, were taken out in the number: 18 000 people in Paris, 7500 in Toulouse, 4000 in Bordeaux (south-west), between 4000 and 5000 in Strasbourg (is)…

In Paris, where the procession party from the ministry of Health has joined in the middle of the afternoon the esplanade des Invalides, skirmishes broke out at the end of course.

The forces of the order répliquaient spray of projectiles by firing gas tear-gas grenade against 100 to 200 violent protesters, among whom the ” antifas “, of blackblocs, according to an AFP journalist.

A nurse, supported by colleagues, was caught, in tears, to the protesters: “You have put our demo in the air, you are idiots! “, she screamed.

The police did state to 17: 00 to 24 arrests. Clashes also took place in Lille (north) and Nantes (west).

“We did nothing”

In total, more than 220 gatherings were planned for the call of a dozen unions and collectives of carers. These were the first protests allowed in the country since the entry into force of the confinement three months ago.

Objective: to build on the support gained from the population during the health crisis, in order to obtain advances to employees of hospitals and medical retirement homes, hailed as “heroes in white coats” by the head of the State at the beginning of the epidemic.

The first pledges of the “recognition” promised by the executive, are yet far from having satisfied stakeholders: “You don’t want a medal or a small premium on the sly, we want a wage to live up to what our business brings to the company,” says Clara Grémont, health care aide near Montpellier (south-east).

“Mr. Macron, what have you planned for the carers ? For the moment, we have nothing at all ! “, launched by professor Laurent Thines before the crowd in Besançon (east), before asking ” a minute of silence for the medics who died in France of the negligence of this government, which has failed to protect.”

“The crisis of the coronavirus showed the flaws of our system, but it has faced, we had no choice,” says Charlotte Dumont, a children’s nurse in Bordeaux, for which ” the basic problem, it is that manages the hospital as a business “.

After more than a year to strike in the emergency room, and then in the whole of the hospital services, the claims have not changed: “We expect a wage increase and recognition of qualifications. It is expected the opening of beds, the hiring of personnel, ” said the number one of the CGT Philippe Martinez, present at the beginning of the rally in paris.

All subjects laid on the table of the ” Ségur health “, a broad consultation was launched in late may by the government, which must implement by the beginning of July, the “plan of massive investment and revaluation” promised by Emmanuel Macron.

“It is imperative that the answers are at the height of the expectations,” warned the secretary general of Force ouvrière, Yves Veyrier, Paris.

The minister of Health Olivier Véran is sought to be reassuring on Monday, promising that by the beginning of July, the caregivers would have “all the answers to the questions they ask and the claims they are legitimate.”

The coronavirus has made some 30 000 deaths in France since march, one of the worst balance sheets in the world. Caregivers, and members of the hospital staff have been first in line and have been severely tested, but the health crisis has only served to highlight a situation that was already very poor for many years at the hospital.

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