France Carlos and Lily May

France Carlos and Lily May


Lily May is a mischievous 6-year-old Rex Cornish kitten who helps France Carlos tidy up her home and knows how to be loved, even by her mistress's customers.  

1. What is the reason that led you to have this cat?

Following the death of my Yorkshire, Einstein, I wanted to have another animal, but I didn't want to get too carried away either. A friend had three Rex, really sociable cats, and I thought it could be interesting for me, with my clients that I receive at home (in a helping relationship for animal bereavement). I had the misfortune to tell this friend who found me a Rex within the next hour. Lily May had been living with an elderly couple for a year, but they could no longer keep her due to illness.

2. Are you more “chat” or “dog” and why?

Not so cat. Rather dog! In fact, Lily May and I had to coax each other at first. Today, she comes running when I call her! I like it very much.

3. How to describe in a few sentences the personality of Lilly May?

She is lively and cheerful. I would say she has behaviors in both extremes: she can be quiet and suddenly she's running madly and speeding through the house! It can be intense. I affectionately call her “Crazy” Lily. ! She likes to explore. This is Lily “The Explorer” ! As soon as I open a door or a cupboard, she comes in and searches. She likes to lie on top of me and is looking for a lot of caresses. She even comes to get my hand to receive it. But beware ! No question of us taking her in our arms! She hates it. With my clients, she behaves well. She goes to lie on them and does not move from the session. People like that. It does them good. They come to see me to better mourn their animal. When the doorbell rings, she comes to say hello to them and gets on her back to be petted and become their friend. 

4. Tell us a funny fact about Lilly May.

She likes to redecorate my house. Lily the “decorator” ! She removes the frames she doesn't like on the walls! She opens the drawers of my dressers and cleans them with her paws: she takes things out. And what about trinkets? She has hooked so many over time… 

5. Tell us an unusual fact about Lilly May.

She has a fascination with clean litter! It rolls around in it when I just clean it.

6. What is his favorite activity? 

She has a toy with which she plays very intensely. It is a kind of flat hen in fabrics. I call her his “Intense Hen”. She throws it in the air and jumps straight on it. 

7. What is his favorite place?

Going to bed in the sun in the window, on his cat tree. She can spend half her day in the sun.

8. What do you wish you had known before you got this pet?

That his favorite sport would be to redecorate my decoration! In addition, I had to get rid of the surplus in the house and that allowed me to purify a little. She taught me minimalism; to do like Mary Condo and bring it back to basics.  

9. Why isn't she like other Rexes?

Unlike almost all cats with no hair or very little hair, she is not the type to lie under covered. In the winter, I put a big comforter on the couch for her, but she doesn't go there often.

10. Who takes care of your pet when you go on vacation?

I organize myself to bring it with me. For example, last summer we went luxury camping in a friend's big RV. Lily adapted in 15 minutes! 

  • A graduate in counseling, France Carlos has been accompanying people in mourning for their pet since 2006 (;
  • She wrote the very first book in Quebec on the subject, Deuil animalier (Éditions Broquet).