France has developed a flying robot in the form of a butterfly

Во Франции разработали летающего робота в виде бабочки

The device weighs just 10 grams.

In 2014, the engineer Edwin van Ruymbeke from France have created a realistic robot “Bionic Bird”, which has the form of a bird and most likely waving wings, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

Having received many rave reviews, an expert has set itself even more ambitious goal: to design an electrical tie, which would behave like the real Lepidoptera. A few days ago, a French craftsman finally introduced the world to his unique new brainchild called “MetaFly”.

Length fancy mechanism is 19 inches, and a wingspan of 29 inches. Of course, most of the butterflies on the planet are much more modest dimensions, but do not forget that in the tropics there are the giants, the wingspan of which reaches 30 centimeters, so any discrepancies with nature here.

“MetaFly” flies exactly like a real butterfly, quickly flapping wings, and is controlled by the remote control device, the range of which reaches 100 meters.

The robot weighs only 10 grams. Tiny lithium-ion battery feeds the motor with aluminum radiator for the flapping flexible wings. 15 minutes of charging is enough for 8 minutes of flight. Movement speed “MetaFly” up to 12 kilometers per hour. Most electronic butterfly made of carbon fiber, biaxially oriented polypropylene, liquid crystal polymer and incredibly light materials.

It is reported that if the device goes on sale, its price will be around $ 150.


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