France in the crosshairs of Aliocha Schneider

La France dans la mire d’Aliocha Schneider

The clan Schneider has ramped up its presence in France. After Niels, it is the turn of his younger brother Alyosha, of dropping of the first roles of the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

Seen on Netflix in the French series Vampires, alongside Suzanne Clement, the actor-singer franco-québécois takes the lead role in Pompeii, a co-production with France, Belgium, Canada, which arrives on our screens at the end of the week.

If it is him, this is only the beginning.

“There are things that are emerging in France, more than in Quebec,” he said, without being able to identify specific projects, since everything is bathed now in the uncertainty due to the coronavirus.

Behind Niels

In Quebec, it was discovered very young in Léa Pool’s in Mommy is at the hairdresser’s, in 2008, before his curly blonde will seduce the heroine of the film adaptation of the novels of Aurélie Laflamme, there are already 10 years old.

He then alternated the roles at both the small and big screen, makes its first foray little noticed in France, in a film in 2015, and begun a musical career in Quebec.

His breakthrough French follows the well started to his brother Niels, who won a César in 2017.

A advantage of get behind ? Yes and no, ” answered Alyosha.

“It helps because people will fall, but it can also be detrimental because it becomes more difficult to establish its own identity. “

Inspired by Bresson

In Pompeii, it can be found in a scenery of a desert that is reminiscent of the arid landscapes of the westerns of Sergio Leone. The movie follows the dynamics within a group of young people, left to themselves, without school or parents.

Victor (Schneider) and his younger brother Jimmy followed the strict rules of this band, which survives by digging up the remains of an ancient civilization in a construction site abandoned. The arrival of a young woman, whom Victor falls in love, comes to change things.

Visually stunning, the film is built on an economy of dialogue and expression, while withholding feelings.

“It is very much inspired by Robert Bresson, who said that for the actors, it was not necessary to show any intention “, analysis, Aliocha Schneider, who was sometimes said by the filmmakers Anne Falguères and John Shank to do nothing, simply.

“It is in the whole film that everything takes its meaning. Everything happens so slowly that at the end of the film, I am surprised to be moved by their story. “

♦ Pompeii, with Aliocha Schneider, Vincent Rottiers and Garance Marillier, will be presented in Montreal and Quebec city, Friday.

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