France: inquiry after allegations of police violence

France: enquête après des soupçons de violences policières

The font fonts French has been input after the broadcast of cctv footage showing a police officer force a man into custody, announced on Thursday the public prosecutor of Strasbourg (is).

Wednesday, ” the prosecutor has seized the IGPN (general Inspectorate of the national police) an investigation of the chief acts of violence committed by a custodian of the public authority “, a-t-on learned from the public prosecutor.

The accused, a Guinean 21 years of age, was found Tuesday in an appearance immediately for a theft of a bicycle near the train station of Strasbourg, identity theft and violence on police officers.

In the minutes drafted by the investigators, he was alleged to have been aggressive and have tried to put a punch at a police officer.

But at the hearing, his lawyer, Me Kaoutare Choukour, requested to view the cctv footage of the police station, placed under seal.

“The images were shocking, eloquent, edifying,” said to AFP Me Choukour. “Clearly, my client who arrived handcuffed in the corridor just before the dungeons. No resistance or aggression. The police officer démenotte, my client throws his elbow to protect his face, of fear. At the moment he did that, the police officer gets him a punch in the head “. A stroke confirmed by medical expertise.

After viewing these images at the hearing, the prosecutor requested that light be shed on these acts of violence.

In addition to the official author of the shots, the investigations will also be a co-worker who was a witness, as well as the police officer who drafted the minutes supposed to transcribe the content of the video.

This survey comes at a time when the issue of police violence is back in the spotlight in France, in the wake of the protest history in the united States since the death on may 25, George Floyd, a black American was asphyxiated by a white policeman.

An event organized by the family of Adama Traoré, a young black death in 2016, following his arrest by policemen, was attended by nearly 20,000 people on Tuesday evening in Paris.

The police unions have pointed out that the news, in France and in the United States in particular, did not play in their favor.

The accused has been acquitted for abuse and identity theft, but sentenced to four months ‘ imprisonment, fitted out, for the theft of a bicycle.

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