France: more than 1000 new cases of coronavirus, and 10 homes in 24 hours

France: plus de 1000 nouveaux cas de coronavirus et 10 foyers en 24h

Paris | The number of new confirmed cases of coronavirus in France continues to increase, with “more than 1000 that day,” and “10 new” outbreaks of grouped cases detected since the previous day, announced on Thursday that the Directorate-general of Health (DGS).

The department observes a trend of acceleration in recent weeks, with 26% more cases compared to last week, against 18% and 11% increase the previous weeks, in France and off French Guiana.

“This trend indicates that our habits recent” (release of the application gestures barrier, increase in the number of contacts at risk…) “promote the circulation of the virus for several weeks already”, he says in a press release.

“At the slightest symptom, it is more necessary than ever to be tested by virologic test, in isolation, even before having an appointment and then waiting for the result “, to prevent “chains of transmission, sometimes significant form” and to prevent “the outbreak of bounce”, he adds.

The epidemic has been 10 deaths since Wednesday in the hospitals, bringing the total number of deaths to 30 182 people.

Since 9 may, 570 cases grouped (or “clusters”) were detected but 361 are “closed”, reports to the DGS. 209 households are therefore still active at July 23, including 10 newly detected since the previous day.

A “cluster” is defined by the occurrence of at least three confirmed or probable, in a period of 7 days, which belong to the same community or have participated in the same rally.

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