France: Nokia provides more than 1 200 job cuts at its subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent

France: Nokia prévoit plus de 1 200 suppressions de postes chez sa filiale Alcatel-Lucent

The oem telecom finland’s Nokia, which wants to ” reduce its costs “, announced on Monday the removal in France of 1 233 jobs of its subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent, or one-third of the workforce of this company in the country, “a catastrophe” for unions.

To delete these posts, Nokia provides a plan of voluntary departures and “solutions reclassification,” said the management in a press release.

The jobs will include positions in research and development (R&D), as well as support functions, according to the management and the trade unions.

These job cuts fall ” within the framework of a global plan of reduction of costs “, which was launched at the end of 2018, says Nokia.

“It’s a disaster,” said Bernard Trémulot, of the CFDT union.

In a press release, the intersyndicale was reminded that it was the ” fourth plan for collective redundancies since Nokia has bought out Alcatel-Lucent in early 2016 “.

The French ministry of the Economy responded Monday by urging Nokia to improve “significantly” its social plan.

This news comes as the 5G in France is on track for a commercial opening end of 2020 and that of the auction to assign the 11 frequency blocks that are still available must take place from the 20th to the 30th of September.

According to the ministry of Economy, the participation of Nokia and its subsidiary for the deployment of 5G will be part of the discussions with the Finnish group.

Next to Nokia, the Swedish Ericsson and the chinese giant Huawei are on the ranks for this new technology is very much expected.

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