France: the fake hearse escorted cannabis in coffins

France: le faux corbillard convoyait du cannabis dans des cercueils

BESANÇON | customs the French have seized on a highway in eastern France 65 kilos of herbal cannabis concealed in coffins transported in a fake hearse.

The vehicle was controlled Wednesday on a rest area at the level of Miserey-Salines, near Besançon, was learned Thursday, the AFP submitted to the prosecutor of Besançon, confirming information of the journal Is republican.

The four coffins that he was carrying did not contain any body of the deceased, but of the herbal cannabis packaged in bags, said to AFP the vice-prosecutor Christine Curraize.

During the inspection, the driver of the fake hearse has claimed that he was carrying the body of Spain in Romania. But customs officers have noted that the coffins were not sealed, thing, however, mandatory when the bodies are transported on international routes.

So, they decided to open them, said the magistrate.

The driver, a Romanian of thirty years, was arrested and placed in police custody. Already convicted of offences of the robbery of jewellery in Spain, it will be judged on Friday in the appearance immediately in front of the criminal court of Besançon.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the drugs originated in Spain and had to be sent in the direction of Germany.

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