France: thousands of people demonstrate against police violence

France: des milliers de personnes manifestent contre les violences policières

Paris | thousands of protesters denouncing police violence gathered Tuesday in front of the court of Paris, according to an AFP journalist, despite the ban by the authorities of this gathering, in an international context marked by the riots in the us.

The protestors responded to the call of the committee of support to the family of Adama Traoré, a young black man of 24 years died in 2016, following an interpellation.

“Today, this is nothing more than the fight of the family Traoré, this is your fight you all (…). Today, when people fought for George Floyd, you fight for Adama Traoré”, has launched Assa Traoré, older sister of Adama, in the face of protesters who were chanting “Revolt,” or “everyone hates the police”.

The call to this gathering occurs in the context of an outbreak of protests in the United States after the death of George Floyd.

“What is happening in the US echoes what is happening in France,” said the activist.

The 19 July 2016, Adama Traoré had died in a barracks in the suburbs of paris, almost two hours after his arrest at the end of a chase with the cops.

This case, which was erected as a symbol of police violence, has become a battle between experts.

Last week a forensic examination had ruled out the responsibility of the constables, while on Tuesday, another report requested by the family of the victim blames the tackle ventral, the technique of questioning used by the police.

On Tuesday, the protesters braved the prohibition of the prefect justified in particular by the state of public health emergency, which prohibits all public gatherings of more than ten people, but also by the fear of “overflow”.

Earlier in the day, the prefect of the police of the capital Didier Lallement had assured him that the police was “not violent, nor racist”.

“I know the money that is yours before the accusations of violence and racism, repeated endlessly by social media and some activist groups,” wrote Didier Lallement in an email sent to police, according to an information site Médiapart confirmed by the prefecture of police to the AFP.

“There is no race in the police force, not more than racialized or oppressors racist. There are officials who are committed to freedom, equality, and fraternity, and this on a daily basis!”, he wrote in the email sent to 27 500 police officers of the city.

“If some of us fail in the requirement of impartiality and excellence that is ours, they will be punished as they have been to date,” according to Didier Lallement.

Tuesday morning, the police prefecture had complained in a tweet that “due to systematic are not “police officers” involved in difficult environments with a hostile crowd”.

Sunday in Bondy, a suburb of the capital, a rally was held to demand “justice” for a 14-year-old severely wounded in the eye after an arrest by the police. A complaint has been filed against the police officers.

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