France to Kingdom Street

La France pour Kingdom Street

They have to wait for weeks to shout it from the rooftops : the electro-pop duo of Quebec Kingdom Street will test the French market, and it is none other than Patrick Bruel who opens the door, has learned The Journal exclusively.

Kingdom Street joined the ranks of 14 Productions, the label of Patrick Bruel, with the consent of Columbia, the subsidiary of Sony which has guided the careers of the Atlantic, Céline Dion, Isabelle Boulay and Olivier Dion, in addition to representing many international stars, from Beyoncé to Adele via AC/DC, Depeche Mode and Barbra Streisand.

Oh boy, this is big ! We still have the misery to believe in it, ” says the singer Paméla Lajoie, who form a couple in life with his music partner, Patrick Donovan.

Since its formation, in 2016, Kingdom Street has recorded a series of songs that had appeared in the room, Love to give, who will be the first preview to come out in France, in the month of August.

Bruel loved it

First independent, the duo has recently joined the label in québec Ste-4 Musique. A set of contacts has ensured that their music has resulted in the ears of Patrick Bruel during its passage in Quebec city, last November. He loved it and decided to take Kingdom Street under his wing.

“I immediately had a blow of heart for them,” says the singer. They have potential beyond their borders. So I offered to sign them on my label by arrangement with Sony France. “

“We’re really lucky,” ignites Paméla Lajoie.

“All the stars are aligned,” added her lover, noting that they are often told that their musical style could work in France.

Because of the pandemic, the duo, however, has not yet been able to talk with his sponsor French. Flying is also out of the question.

“Otherwise, we would already be there,” says Paméla Lajoie.

A first album in October

In the meantime, the coupleassure a few of the first parts of the series TD musiparc and refines the songs of his first album, which will be released in us in October. The first single official, Walked Away, had been put online a few weeks ago.

“The album is almost ready. In fact, it has too many songs. During the containment, it was composed of other, so it remains for us to make our final selection, ” says the duo.

Kingdom Street will be the first part of Roxane Bruneau, July 10, at musiparc of Mercier, and Blue Jeans Blue, July 11, at Mirabel.

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