France-Turkey : the celebration of the Turks cut off on the M6

France-Turquie : la célébration des Turcs coupée sur M6

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France-Turkey : the celebration of the turks cut off on the M6

The match France-Turkey in the eighth day of the knock-out stages of the Euro 2020 had started this Monday 14 October 2019… until the players turks celebrate the goal by Kaan Ayhan with a military salute. A sequence of controversy that M6 has preferred not to distribute it.

Throughout the day on Monday 14 October 2019, the hashtag #AnnulationMatchFranceTurquie was Trending Topic on Twitter. And for good reason, many people requested that the match of the eighth day of the knock-out stages of theEuro 2020 to be canceled. Among them, several policies such as Marine Le Pen, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Éric Ciotti, or the minister of foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, who has cancelled his trip.

All denounce the military salute of the Turkish team, in support of the troops of their country, last Friday in the face of Albania, while the offensive of president Erdogan against the Kurds has had dramatic consequences in Syria-many civilians killed and e displacement of at least 160 000 people).

A salvation military did not broadcast by M6

A game of high risk, therefore, that has necessitated the strengthening of the security. If the match had started well, leaving the politics aside, at least 7 players, the turks have once again made the military salute after the goal of the equalizer (1-1) for Kaan Ayhan in the face of Mandanda, who replaced Hugo Lloris injured.

A scene that was not broadcasted on M6 and that could be worth to Turkey of the sanctions from UEFA. This is not the only problem : at the 86th minute of the match, supporters are, obviously, French have deployed a banner in pro-kurdish, on which was written “Stop the killing of the Kurds” and which was the subject of whistles and the beginning of the altercation.

Update :

M6 has explained to Tv Entertainment not to be cut voluntarily the sequence : “The non-dissemination of this gesture is due to the fact that at the time he was done, we were televising the replay of the goal Turkish“, adding “The second time where the salute was made, we had already tipped on our emission debrief’ 100% Football’. However, it would not have been broadcast : “Even if there had been a choice of non-broadcast, it would have been to comply with the directives of the UEFA“.

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