France: u-turn on the “stranglehold” which remains in force as a mode of interpellation

France: revirement sur la «clé d'étranglement» qui reste maintenue comme mode d'interpellation

PARIS | The announcement of its abandonment by the French Interior minister Christophe Castaner had provoked the wrath of the police: the controversial technique of “girdling” will remain used until a new mode of interpellation is defined, said the head of the national police.

This technique of arrest, widely reported in the protests against the police violence of recent weeks, “will continue to be implemented with restraint and discernment,” writes the director general of the national police (DGPN) Frederic Calves, in a memo seen by AFP.

The boss of the French police, however, specifies that a working group will be installed Wednesday “to define a technical substitution”. It will make its conclusions “before the 1st day of September”.

A person who resists physically to the interpellation threat of the police or the third party may still be the subject of a stranglehold, says the note.

This technique assumes that the police officer will affix the flat of his forearm to the trachea of the person he wishes to be challenged by the rear. “There are two immediate effects: the pain and the cut-off of breath,” according to a police source.

The idea is to create enough of a constraint to bring the person to the ground or handcuffed to an upright position without difficulty. “This technique lasts only for the duration of handcuffing,” says the police source.

Mr. Calves also points out that “the “taken back” to immobilize the person is standing or the result on the ground to apply handcuffs is still taught and applied”.

The announcement of the abandonment of the key”bottlenecks” by Christophe Castaner, June 8, after a weekend of demonstrations against police violence, had provoked the anger of trade unions and of the agents on the ground, who have since organized symbolic protests with deposits of handcuffs.

On Monday evening, the main police unions, welcomed the note that brings in their clarification after the minister’s remarks.

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