Francisco gómez frankly about Ukraine, favorite things and break for a child: “I Want to find a partner…”

Франсиско Гомес откровенно об Украине, любимых вещах и перерыве ради ребенка: “Хочу найти партнера...”

Francisco Gomez

yesterday, 20:18

The big surprise of this season of”Dancing with the stars” was the return to Ukraine of the famous choreographer Francisco Gomez.

Sisko took one of the judges chairs dance project channel 1+1. Each of the participants of the show wanted to hear from Gomez his signature “I love, love, love it”. In late November, the star has made coming out in the programme of Anatoly Anatolich – he openly talked about his orientation and how painful the parents responded to his love to men.

Finally and Know.ia was able to talk with a very busy Sisko. He is very open and positive man who, thanks to their own principles have succeeded to desirable heights.

Франсиско Гомес откровенно об Украине, любимых вещах и перерыве ради ребенка: “Хочу найти партнера...”

Francisco Gomez

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We learned about his life in Kiev, where he rested from the work on “Dancing with the stars,” as, in his opinion, Ukraine has changed since the previous visit, and other important things. Now Sisko returned to London, where he continues a career of choreographer.

Francisco, you always look very cheerful on the screen. Interestingly, you might be angry?

Indeed, I try to be in a good mood and to broadcast it to all who are with me faces. It’s just a useful habit, like brushing your teeth, so his “health communication” (laughs).

And, although disturbed can not everyone, however, there are two main features to endure which can be quite difficult. For me, it’s ignorance and people who do not respect others. Better keep them away from me, because in anger, I’m terrible!

Did you ever have to defend myself, my honor, what do you believe?

In the end, everyone sooner or later has to defend himself. In General, I believe in non-violent way to solve problems, this world has enough cruelty – be merciful, but strict and resolute in defending his opinions. Let us impose views that I consider wrong. But to hear a different opinion or criticism if it is constructive – can be useful.

I think the main thing was not to lose calmness in the debate, because it always looks like you lose. Keep it cool!

Франсиско Гомес откровенно об Украине, любимых вещах и перерыве ради ребенка: “Хочу найти партнера...”

Sisco Gomez and Janet Jackson

And have you faced any open discrimination?

Yes, unfortunately, I face discrimination. As for me, discrimination is from ignorance or an improper upbringing. Therefore, I hope that the world will change for the better at the same time, people will become aware of these issues.

Since your previous visit to Ukraine five years later. In your opinion, the country has changed in that time?

I think that Ukraine has undergone profound transformations over the last five years. Not quite like in a fairy tale where Cinderella, Princess, but it is definitely on the right track.

Around opened a lot of cool and stylish places to eat or just sit. Every day you can get into some kind of new coffee shop or cafe. People on the streets look very stylish, especially the youth. Besides, a lot more people I encounter, know English. Also, people began to engage in the environment, and that’s a good sign!

Well, in General, the atmosphere is pretty calm. I like the changes I see around.

How about Ukrainian cuisine? Were you able to taste the local delicacies: soup, dumplings, perhaps something more exotic? What about vodka?

Of course, I tried a lot, and I’m not a fan of Ukrainian cuisine! Dumplings, for example, is very good, especially surprised by the variety of fillings you can come across both sweet and salty. However, the most favorite, still, vodka (laughs). Mean is that you can bring your friends as a souvenir from Ukraine. I useful gifts.

Where you could be found in Kiev, in addition to the shooting pavilion of “Dancing with the stars”? Expand some of your favorite places?

During the filming I stayed at the hem, so you can call this district my home in Kiev. If we talk about nightlife, I’m not a very frequent guest in the clubs. And yet, when you go someplace to dance, take heart and rest it in Closer or party in kinopavilonah Dovzhenko. Good music, nice atmosphere and you can meet familiar faces. I think fun must also be able, because life is not all work, as can sometimes seem. You always have to leave a little space in your busy schedule to take a breath, and let go of yourself for a while.

Франсиско Гомес откровенно об Украине, любимых вещах и перерыве ради ребенка: “Хочу найти партнера...”

Francisco Gomez

You always look very stylish. Had the opportunity to buy something from Ukrainian designers?

Thank you, I am very serious about their appearance. This is my passion, if I may say so. My style is a part of me as well as my name and face. It helps me to present myself. With the help of properly selected clothing can Express themselves or remain unnoticed when necessary.

For example, the preparation for the big day I’m starting in the morning. Especially when you have to solve a lot of issues, I always tell myself: “Remember, you will not have a second chance to make a first impression.” In General, I love Ukrainian designers. You do have a lot of talented people.

Would you stay to live in Ukraine?

Of course, I could if I had the opportunity to be as involved here.

Now, I see my future in the United States. Just feel like I want to be there. Sometimes the place attracts you, you meet a lot of kindred souls, all revolves around, form new projects, and you are inspired by all that surrounds you. Sometimes the novel with a city or a country lasts a long, long time. Sometimes, even your whole life.

What, in your opinion, Ukrainian stars differ from American?

I think Americans as a nation are a little more open to new things. They quickly catch trends. After all, living in such a multicultural environment it is much easier to be aware of what is happening in the world. They are influenced by external factors.

Also, it seems to me that for ordinary Americans, and for stars in America there are less taboo topics, people feel uninhibited and free to Express themselves.

What helped you to gain recognition? What are the three main qualities that led you to success.

My diligence, perseverance and the ability to grow, to evolve.

It is the combination of all these qualities gives the result. It is useful as a cocktail in which you have to add many components that it nourishes your body and soul.

The most important thing to understand is you, to a greater extent responsible for their lives. So if you have a goal don’t stop, learn new things, improve yourself and people will notice it.

Three things that you would never be able to accept…

What can melt your heart?

Things that I melt like ice cream in the sun: children, dogs and history, which speaks of forgiveness and personality development.

With dogs and kids, I think, is clear.

If we talk about the stories, I admire people who learn to forgive others and move towards your heart. It’s not easy to be sincere, open, people protected, because they are afraid to be vulnerable. But those brave souls who are the risk, open your senses, learn to be kind and to tell my people I love them – it’s always very touching to me.

Франсиско Гомес откровенно об Украине, любимых вещах и перерыве ради ребенка: “Хочу найти партнера...”

Francisco Gomez

“Dancing with the stars” reveal new talents among the participants. Who most impressed you this season?

Couple that surprised me, it’s Daniel and Julia. They were the most consistent in its growth. Always nice to see when people are not lazy and understand what honest work on ourselves. I mean that the participants have shown results that are difficult to ignore. Very systematically, from ether to air. This approach is commendable!

How about Ukrainian celebrities? Who would you like to see among the participants of “Dancing with the stars” next season?

Oh, I’d love to see Montica as a member of the show!

He has such a wonderful sense of rhythm, and he dances very cleverly. I know he was a judge, but it is interesting. To see him in a new capacity, not just in the chair, but the motion on the floor. I’m sure he has something to show and it can be quite entertaining for judges and for spectators!

You said you are ready to create a family and want a son, but are you ready to make a break for it?

No, now there’s no break for me! First I have to achieve your dreams and become a leading talk show. Then when I’m financially ready to have a baby, I’ll work in that direction.

Of course I want to find a partner to share that story with him walking side by side. After all, a baby is a big responsibility, and you should be confident that he is ready to make every effort to educate the new man, decent and sincere.

Julia Abramova

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