François Legault has learned the lesson

François Legault learned the lesson


By avoiding revealing a timetable for lifting health measures this week, the Legault government has certainly learned from the premature announcements of the holiday season. 

The pressure is strong on the Prime Minister to let him know when the reopening of restaurants, cinemas, gyms and performance halls is planned. In the case of restaurants, according to the information published in our pages yesterday, the dates of January 31 or February 8 are considered. 

For the managers of these establishments, the absence of a calendar is proves indeed a real headache. 

Then, with good reason, vaccinated people are fed up with being confined despite the collective effort.  

Except that it wouldn't have been wiser to provide a timeline without the science behind it, as Ontario Premier Doug Ford did this week. 

The puzzle head would be even bigger if the government announced dates only to then be forced to back down for health reasons or because hospital capacities were exceeded. With this in mind, it is better to wait a little longer.  

Nobody wants to star in a revival of the bad holiday movie, where the government had to turn to extreme measures after being too optimistic.  

Give fresh air  

In the midst of a crisis, Quebec must deal with the current health care system. It is therefore hazardous to embark on comparisons with other provinces or countries. 

You cannot rebuild a ship that is sinking. We must therefore act in such a way as to support the model in place. 

Now, in addition to thinking about gradual reopenings, the government must give air to those who present the least risk of clogging up the healthcare system: people fully vaccinated. 

These relaxations are necessary to preserve the mental health of the population. This is badly affected, after two years where everyone feels more like surviving than living.

François Legault learned the lesson

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