Francois Legault implores young people to stay at home

“If you […] pass the virus on to someone, then eventually that someone dies, well, you’re going to have that on your conscience for the rest of your life.”
Prime Minister François Legault reiterated on Tuesday that the coronavirus epidemic “is really serious”.

With 74 cases registered of people infected with COVID-19 in Quebec now, Tuesday’s figure at 1 p.m., we are talking about an increase of 24 cases in 24 hours. About a third, therefore.

The Prime Minister had a specific message to send to young people who, according to the anecdotes fished on the left and on the right on social networks and elsewhere, would tend to disregard the isolation instructions. This despite the closing of schools, cegeps and universities in Quebec for a minimum of two weeks.

“However, we have had experiences, in South Korea and then in Italy, where young people have been important agents in the spread of the virus. Well, I was young myself. I know that there is a period, at a given moment, when one is young, that one listens less to the older ones, but there it is critical. It’s really serious.

“I want to send a message to all young leaders, whether artists, athletes. You’re probably going to be better than me at making that call. It can be, among other things, through social media. Please tell young people in Quebec to follow the instructions. This is not the time to party, this is not the time to get together. We have to keep our distance, ”said Mr. Legault, including youtubers and influencers among the personalities targeted.

An awareness campaign targeting young people is also underway. It’s called: Spread the info, not the virus.

Premier Legault held his daily press conference early Tuesday afternoon with the Minister of Health and Social Services, Danielle McCann, and the National Director of Quebec Public Health, Horacio Arruda.

Dr. Arruda indicated that the figures they have do not yet show a higher rate of spread among young Quebecers.

On the other hand, young people are often little affected by the disease or even asymptomatic, but become fantastic vectors for infecting more fragile people, such as their grandparents.

“We are lucky to have social media also somewhere, because a young person can talk to another young person while being in his own [house] … Then me, if I was young, usually my mother said:

“Go outside, have fun!” It’s pretty rare [to tell] people to stay inside, in front of the screens. But there, now, let’s say it can be fashionable. Temporarily, we can do it, ”says Mr. Arruda.



As more and more Quebecers isolate themselves at home and engage in telework, the number of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 stood at 63 in the province on Tuesday.

These are 13 more cases than during the last public health review.

According to the latest data, 3,513 people were awaiting their test results and 3,723 were reassured: their analyzes returned with the mention “negative”.

The regions where the greatest number of confirmed cases have been recorded are Montreal (21) and Montérégie (11).

In comparison, 180 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the neighboring province of Ontario and a first death was reported on Tuesday.

More and more clinics designated for COVID-19 screening were opened in Quebec: Monday, 14 were operational.

The Quebec government plans to open more during the week.

These clinics are by appointment only. People who are concerned about their health or who have symptoms associated with COVID-19 – the main ones being fever, cough and difficulty breathing – should call the Info-Coronavirus line at 1-877-644-4545 where nurses will assign appointments, if necessary.

The wait continued to be long and arduous on the Info-Coronavirus line Tuesday morning.

The day before, Health Minister Danielle McCann said more staff are still being trained to answer calls and that service will be improved.

Also, the pace of testing is accelerating: Quebec promised on Monday that there would be seven other COVID-19 test analysis centers, starting Tuesday.

Minister McCann maintains that this will make it possible to go from 1600 analyzes to more than 6000 analyzes per day.

It was released on Tuesday that another person with COVID-19 used public transportation in Montreal when it was potentially contagious. This person made a trip on March 10 on the green metro line in the morning between Angrignon and McGill stations, as well as a trip aboard bus No. 106 from Newman Boulevard towards Angrignon station.

Pharmacists and super-nurses were given more powers by Quebec Tuesday, to lighten the task of doctors. On Tuesday, the government also authorized family doctors to carry out certain consultations by telephone, and possibly by telemedicine.

The Quebec government announced Tuesday that taxpayers will be able to pay their taxes no later than July 31 rather than April 30, free of charge and without interest. The deadline for submitting your tax return has been extended to June 1.

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