François Legault wants solutions against racism

François Legault veut des solutions contre le racisme

The prime minister François Legault has hammered on Monday that it was “urgent to combat racism” in Quebec, while avoiding to talk about systemic racism.

“I want to avoid falling into a debate of words and make a trial to Quebecers,” said Mr. Legault in a press conference in Montreal, Monday.

He made the point about the protest of tens of thousands of people in Montreal, Sunday, as well as gatherings in Quebec city and Sherbrooke against racism and police brutality.

“I made the choice not to ban these events. I understand very well that Quebecers have the taste to express, that they have a ras-le-bol “, said Mr. Legault.

The prime minister has again promised a policy against racism.

“I’ll want pragmatic solutions in several sectors to once and for all, to fight this evil that is eroding our society,” he pleaded.

Quiet evolution…

According to him, Quebec is due for a ” quiet evolution “.

He was particularly concerned to hear of ministers and members from cultural communities to talk about the racism they were victims.

François Legault veut des solutions contre le racisme

Photo courtoisieFabrice Vil
Social Entrepreneur

“It is no longer tolerable in Quebec “, he underlined, mentioning, however, that “experts disagree” on the definition of systemic racism, which refers to the discrimination and exclusion of those racialized by biases are often subconscious or institutional policies.

The output of Mr. Legault are puzzled about the social entrepreneur and columnist Fabrice Vil. If he welcomes the firm intention of the government in the fight against racism, he would like for it to recognize the systemic racism, as did the canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, or the mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, for example.

… or revolution active

“I don’t know which door Mr. Legault to assume that someone wants to do a trial of the Québécois. Because the people who fight against racism are Quebecers too “, lance-t-il.

He argues that when the government wants to combat bullying or sexual violence put forward by the movement #moiaussi, there is no question of a trial against the population.

According to him, the protests have shown that Quebecers are demanding immediate changes, preferring to talk of a ” revolution active “.

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