Fraud: Adil 48 calls for vigilance among Lozère households regarding photovoltaic installation offers

Fraud: Adil 48 calls for vigilance among Lozère households regarding photovoltaic installation offers

De nombreuses alertes ont été lancées. Midi Libre – GILLES LEFRANCQ

L’Association départementale d’information sur le logement 48 souhaite alerter les ménages lozériens sur les démarches commerciales agressives concernant l’installation de panneaux photovoltaïques.

The Departmental Housing Information Association (Adil) 48, as the France Rénov’ advice space, wishes to alert Lozère households about aggressive commercial approaches concerning the installation of photovoltaic panels. In recent days, several families have requested their services after having been approached and having signed, without fully realizing it, quotes accompanied by consumer loans for these installations.

Advice and good practices

Adil would like to remind you of the following points: be careful of promises that are too good to be true and be vigilant in the face of tempting promises. The aid available for the installation of photovoltaic panels is limited and these installations will never cover 100% of your electricity consumption. Take the time to compare several quotes before making a decision. Do not rush under pressure from a seller.

There are professionals in Lozère who offer the installation of photovoltaic panels. The list of these professionals recognized as guarantors of the environment (RGE) is on the site. Read before signing, do not sign anything before having read and understood everything, a signed quote binds you contractually. The advisors of the Departmental Housing Information Association are at your disposal to provide you with neutral and objective information; you must contact them before making a decision. For contracts signed remotely, following cold calling or off-premises, a 14-day withdrawal period is available. There is currently no ongoing study in Lozère on photovoltaics in individuals financed by the region, Ademe, Anah or a local authority.

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