Fraud to the PCU still unknown

Les fraudes à la PCU toujours inconnues

The Trudeau government still refuses to reveal precise figures on the extent of the possible fraud to the Benefit of canadian emergency (PKU).

In spite of the questions asked by our Bureau of investigation, it is impossible to know what part of the huge amount of nearly$ 60 billion spent by the program could be diverted, and this, even if the numbers exist on this subject.

“In order to protect the integrity of our process (fraud checking), these figures are not disclosed for the moment,” said the federal ministry of Employment and social Development, in an e-mail in response to our questions.

The department’s response shall also apply for the benefit, for students, the PCUE.

According to the latest existing data, 59.4 G$ have been paid by PCU and$ 2 billion in PCUE since the beginning of the pandemic. So far, Ottawa has not offered any precise evaluation of the possible fraud.

The only indication we have has been given by the prime minister Justin Trudeau in mid-may. Questioned about this at the press briefing, he had said that Ottawa expected a rate of fraud of 1 %.

$ 610 Million of fraud ?

Even if the fraud should not represent more than 1% of the requests of the PCU and of the PCUE, we reach the considerable sum of $ 610 million $ in the money embezzled.

In June, sources within the federal government, had not hesitated to tell the Journal that “fraudsters are crampés laugh” compared to the weakness of the verification mechanisms put in place. This situation does not surprise the conservative mp for Richmond-Arthabaska, Alain Rayes.

“We are still talking of a lack of transparency, he responded, and taxpayers’ money poorly managed. Unfortunately, many experts say it will be difficult to recover these sums in view of the slowness of the actions taken by the federal government in this folder. “

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