Fraudulent cards to avoid the port of the mask

Des cartes frauduleuses pour éviter le port du masque

False cards, medical exemption from wearing a mask are currently sold on the internet and could expose the manufacturers and the purchasers to criminal prosecution.

“To create a map that seems to emanate from the canadian government, with the intent to deceive, it is downright make a false document “, launching Me Cédric Materne, lawyer, criminal defence lawyer at the firm Riendeau.

Since a few days, “maps medical exemption” are available on the groups Facebook who spread conspiracy theories.

Some offer false cards exemption on the internet. In these photos, we can see the front of the card (left) and the back of the card (to the right).

The design is reminiscent of the card of social insurance. You can read the inscription ” I have a health problem that prevents me from wearing a mask or covers the face “.

In the right corner is a canadian flag, and then, further down, are stamped with the seal “medical care” and the caduceus, symbols generally associated with documents medical official.

The phone number of the canadian Commission on human rights also appears on the back of the cards.

The appearance of this false document comes a few days after Quebec announced the mandatory wearing of the covers-face in all enclosed public places starting on Saturday. Offenders risk a fine of $ 400 to $ 6000 in case of recurrence.

The map in its English version began to be distributed this week in Ontario. Wearing a mask is also required in enclosed public places in some cities such as Toronto since 7 July, which forced the authorities to issue a warning to the population, reported CTV.

In just a few clicks

A card made in a few clicks by the representative of the Journal has been very easily approved without ever having to prove that any medical condition prevented him from wearing a mask.

It is not enough to send an e-mail to a given address and transfer the small sum of $ 8: “$ 5 for the card plus $ 3 for the shipment, ” said the person in charge of the sale. No questions, nothing.

It specifies that the order of cards will be received on 22 July.

Criminal act

“The cards that are circulating are of the fraud “, argues the head of communications at the canadian Commission of human rights, Véronique Robitaille.

“The legislature does am bullshitting with the fabrication of false documents,” recalls itself to Me, Mothering.

And it’s not just manufacturers who face criminal charges.

“Those who buy and wear out of the card could also be accused of use of false documents,” warns Me Isabelle Briand, a lawyer and former chief prosecutor of the Office of the fight against corruption and embezzlement (BLCM).

These criminal Code offences are both liable to a maximum jail term of 10 years, according to the advocate.

Contacted by The Newspaper, the Sûreté du Québec was not aware that such cards were sold on the internet.

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