Freaks and Geeks : the series back soon ? Paul Feig answers

Freaks and Geeks : la série bientôt de retour ? Paul Feig répond

Freaks and Geeks : a possible sequel ? Paul Feig answers

20 years after its launch, Freaks and Geeks could come back ? PRBK posed the question to Paul Feig, creator of the series with James Franco, Busy Philipps, Seth Rogen or Jason Segel. Of passage in Paris for the upcoming release of the film Last Christmas, the director spoke of a possible sequel and we said if this is doable… or not !

What will be the next series to make his return ? The X-Files, Prison Break, Heroes, 24 heures chrono, Charmed or Roswell have already had their right to their suite or at their reboot. And several other projects are in preparation, such as the return of Buffy against the vampires, the reboot of Gossip Girl or even the result of Lizzie McGuire. Until now, no rumor announces the return of the series Freaks and Geeks , which, despite its single season of 18 episodes, remains a cult for many fans.

Paul Feig against a return of Freaks and Geeks

And this is not surprising : as we told Paul Feig during his visit to Paris last week to promote the film Last Christmas (in the cinema on the 27th of November), he is against the return of the series in which he is the creator. In our interview to find soon on PRBK, Paul Feig says he has been contacted several times for return of Freaks and Geeks. “We are receiving proposals all the time to resume the series. For me, it is finished. I am very happy with the 18 episodes that we had. We must learn to make the distance. It belongs to this era, these actors. I think that sometimes, things are perfect where they are.” has entrusted the creator of the show.

Also executive producer on The Office, Paul Feig also talked about the rumors on a possible return of the series with John Krasiński, Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson. “To The Office, I know that there are chances for that to happen. I’ve read things about it here but I don’t have talked to anyone,” says Paul Feig.

Interview by Aubéry Mallet. Exclusive content. Not to mention, without mentioning PRBK.

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