Freddie Highmore (Good Doctor) and breaking the internet with her French perfect in Everyday

Freddie Highmore (Good Doctor) speak French in Daily and amazes users

You know thanks to his roles in movies but also on tv in Bates Motel or the Good Doctor, whose season 2 will arrive soon on TF1. But did you know that Freddie Highmore spoke French ? Guest in Daily on the occasion of his passage in France, the interpreter, Shaun Murphy responded to questions of Yann Barthes in the language of Molière. One thing that surprised and cracked users.

Actor since 7 years, Freddie Highmore has played in films like Charlie and the chocolate factory and Arthur and the Minimoys in his youth, but now it is television that he impresses the spectators. After Bates Motel , which lasted 5 seasons, it is the poster of the Good Doctor, including the season 2 just ended in the United States. Present in France on the occasion of his coming this weekend at the Festival Series Mania, in Lille, the actor of 27 years old has made a pass on the plateau of Daily on TMC.

Freddie Highmore speaking French in Everyday life

In addition to the comedy, Freddie Highmore is passionate about foreign languages and doing quite well in French. Asked by Yann Barthes, he explains, having learned French during his time at the University of Cambridge : there was a break of 2 years between the shoots. During his interview a dozen minute, completely in French, the star of the Good Doctor has praised the Blues for their victory in the world Cup and revealed that he listened to regularly… of Francis Cabrel ! Freddie Highmore has also been able to see his French voice in Good Doctor and also spoke on his absence on the social networks. If it has audited accounts, it does not post almost ever photo. “I don’t do very interesting things that I need to share ! I do the ais ever used when I was young. It allows me to keep distance between private life and life in Hollywood.” a-t-he explained.

The fans under the spell

An interview that seems to have charmed the internet users. On Twitter, his name is found among the trending topics last night. Because in addition to speaking French, Freddie Highmore seemed very comfortable and very down-to-earth, something that is relatively rare. Check out the reactions of internet users below :


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