Frédéric Antoun on the stage of the “Met”

Frédéric Antoun sur la scène du «Met»

In November 2017, the tenor québecois Frédéric Antoun realize the dream of several opera singers on the stage of the legendary the Metropolitan Opera, New York.

You can see the tenor a native of Montreal, on Friday at 19: 30 in this contemporary work entitled The Exterminating Angel and presented on the website of the Met and the application Met Opera on Demand. It will be online until 18: 30 the next day.

“I loved it, because of the professionalism of the people, but also for their openness and spontaneity, to sing at the Met. It is in the image of this city”, has he said, during an exchange of e-mails.

It was a second entry for Frédéric Antoun in an opera by Thomas Adès.

He had personified the character of Caliban in the opera The Tempest presented at the Festival d’opéra de Québec in the summer of 2012.

The tenor based in Paris was found in the skin of the explorer Raul Yebenes in the world premiere of this opera on the 28th July 2016 in Salzburg in Austria. He was also of the distribution of the production presented at the Royal Opera Hall in Covent Garden in London in the spring of 2017.

An opera broke out

Inspired by the film of Luis Buñuel, The Exterminating Angel tells a party where the guests find themselves unable to leave a receipt. Locked up and prisoners of an unseen force during several days, they reveal their true characters and personalities.

Frédéric Antoun is found in the skin of the explorer Raul Yebenes.

“It is an opera completely broke, brilliant, but which was sometimes tiring to repeat. This was not obvious to the director Tom Cairns directing a fifteen soloists at the same time and that each have a different journey in the work”, he remarked.

The tenor remembered that the technique surrounding this opera was complex.

“We had a few worries before the capture. The turntable, which is our space game, was more. The fire that should light up does not work as it was the subject of the scene. Everyone cross your fingers for it to work that day. We felt a lot of apprehension, but all went well”,-he told.

The work has even been jokingly renamed The Excruciating Angel (The angel atrocious) because of the slow pace of rehearsals and vocal requirements and musical.

“I would do it, however tomorrow, with great pleasure, especially at the Metropolitan Opera”, has he dropped.

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