FREE NOON DEBATE. European elections: “Let’s make no mistake, this is not a national election”

FREE NOON DEBATE. European elections: “Let’s make no mistake, this is not a national election”

A calm debate moderated by editorial director Olivier Biscaye. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

What will happen on the evening of June 9? What will the alliances be? What about the president of the commission Ursula von der Leyen, suspected of associating with the extreme right? The regional speakers, in debate at Midi Libre, respond.

At the time of taking stock, a little political tour for the eight speakers who had to position themselves with regard to the polls which give an RN very much in the lead, Renaissance struggling, closely followed by the PS& ;hellip; And it was Valérie Rouverand, from the presidential party who was the first to draw the vote by summoning the voters: "Let's not make a mistake in the election".

This is not about making this a referendum for or against Emmanuel Macron. There is no question of drawing national consequences from this: no dissolution of the Assembly and even less resignation. "But it’s inflated to say that", Céline Imart (LR) hastens to say: "Macron and Attal have continued to nationalize issues by incessantly intervening in the campaign".

"The President should take responsibility"

The speakers clearly regretted that the European election focused on two blocs: the RN and the presidential majority. "The rest will be a game of alliance in Brussels and we can tip the balance", Franck Manogil believes (Reconquest) . On the PCF side, Yvan Garcia hopes: "Having 5 % means preventing 5 % of right-wing and far-right deputies in addition".

Julien Sanchez (RN) drinks whey and hopes to tip the majority "without this time a sanitary cordon around us", complains- he. On a national scale, he believes that the President should "put his responsibility into play as he involves himself wholeheartedly in this battle&quot ;.

"Your program is Gaza !"

Béatrice Leccia (EELV) recalls that the environmentalist deputies "are the best rated" and fears "a regression of environmentalist ideas which would be extremely serious in view of global warming".

Muriel Pascal (LFI) recalls the slogan: "Give us the strength to change everything"& nbsp;and evokes Renaissance "a liberal party" and the RN "a scam social". What will get him in return for Julien Sanchez: "You, Gaza is your program".

Finally Claire Fita joins the alliance strategy of the 9th in the evening and calls "for a dike against the extreme right", ready to ally with "all the Republicans of Europe"  for a common cause: fire Ursula von der Leyen suspected of flirting with the extreme right.

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