Freedom within the walls or outside of them? Movie review “Сквот32”

The Director of the movie was Sasha Lidagovskiy

Alina Ostrowska

Today, 11:24

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"


In Ukrainian cinemas from April 11, will be on view Ukrainian teen movie “Squat 32”. And while Today.Lifestyle offers a small review of the film. So, what is “Сквот32”? The name speaks for itself, but, of course, lies deeper. But then you need to explain more what is squat.

A “reboot” of life: the story of the film “Сквот32”

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"

What is a squat?

The squat is illegally occupied premises or building, turned into a collective shelter and a place to practice creativity. Now “squatting” is more than just settling in older homes, is a real cultural phenomenon that has long existed in many cities of the world. “Main” squats are called the tacheles (Berlin), Rampart (London), Rumah Api (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Can Masdeu (Barcelona), and one of the most populated of the squats in the world – abandoned the business-center “Tower of David” in Caracas. In Kiev there are also squats.

So the film shows the story of a girl Lisa that decided to “reboot” his dull formulaic life in a squat with her new friends and her new boyfriend. Before knowing skuterami Lisa worked in the passport service, photographing people in the passport and “swallowed” so to speak, sooo the cultural attitude of the visitors. She realizes that simply “burns” his life never having experienced the taste of freedom, taste of of creativity and talent, the taste of adrenaline in the end. And in an abandoned old house grows her new life.

The connection between past and present: the script and acting of a pike

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"


The film was not filmed on my mind was the real story of a real house with real occupants. However, the writers a bit to modernize the story. And so it happened “Сквот32” – the story of free creative people who are not trying to destroy the old, but rather building something new.

“The idea of the film is to find the connection between past and present, show the path not of destruction, and rebuild and create something new, something worthwhile. To show that in Ukraine there is such creative young people,” said producer of the project Andrey Ermak.

The Director’s script and the story written by two people: Anna A. (Samonina) and Bogdan Pankrukhin. Here, I must say, they made a blunder and history, to put it mildly, elusive and fragmentary, roughly – too lazy to finish or finish.

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"

Anna Adamovich played Lisa in the movie “the Squat”

The main role in the film was played by actress Anna Adamovich, the main actor is Alexander Bogachuk (Bboy Beatrix), which has won many international breakdance festivals.

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"

Alexander Bogachuk

In fact, around their heroes, and played the whole rigmarole and got the impression that the other characters don’t complement, not carrying any emotional burden and history, and had the usual extras with names. Or whose storyline has not been disclosed. Although this has some meaning. Whether you want to reminisce or live in the past if you have is and you step forward? We must pay tribute to the boys coped brilliantly with their roles. Also in the film starred Sandra Sambo – a great graffiti artist, beatboxer MC Fame (Vyacheslav Semenchenko – edition) – DJ, composer, one of the authors of the soundtrack, and Den Da Funk (Denis Mihalchenko – ed.) and many others.

Rabbit hole or homeless slobs: at everyone – the truth

To be honest, “Сквот32” for me is not the movie that you want to review second or third time. However, after watching not have feelings of rejection and disappointment. The film is about hope in everyday life to find his childhood dream and pink to be able to dive for her in Rabbit Hole. On the one hand, the film is so raw that I want to Google, and suddenly the film was not included any scenes with them will become clear. But on the other hand, everything is clear and deep philosophy under his nose. The main character Lisa is just this way of searching and finding itself, the construction of something new. She is freed from the old life “after swallowing the” red pill squatarola life that she invited the founder of the squat.

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"

Anna Adamovich in the movie “Сквот32”

Just Sasha is the spirit of freedom, who knows the value of life and prefers to work in old walls without internal walls. But very accurately shown ossified unfulfilled dream mother Lisa, who was only happy when playing the piano. She tries to remember the notes and the feeling, but against the spouse who perceives nothing around, except were with the TV is pathetic.

Particular attention was drawn to the heroine Faina – the last legal resident of the house in which squatters have settled. Her room is filled with wooden boats, seashells, sea paintings. But judging by the frame (again, nothing is clear about her life), she all life dreamt to get on the sea, but never did. She made the album, which cut your photos and pasted on images of the sea. Yes, visualize your dreams is good, but it won’t work, if it is stored in my dresser – need to do, you need to try.

The film clearly shows how it can change one person’s opinion or the public about events, people, places. As everything is relative. The house, which prevented the construction of something weird started architectural value and its changed my mind to bear. Hmm, not as we do almost every day?

To forgive all the flaws of the film only because of the awesome music! It wasn’t just – “the yeah yeah yeah mmm” music in the film. It was music to the theme, the atmosphere, the characters. In the film you will hear the music ONUKA, Jamal, Cancel The Band and others. It is important that it is ours, Ukrainian! It’s really cool.

Earlier, the producer of the film “Сквот32” Andrey Ermak said in an interview Today.Lifestyle of the new movie, funny stories during the filming and Femen in the picture.

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Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"

Свобода в стенах или за их пределами? Обзор фильма "Сквот32"


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