French debate crucial

Débat en français crucial

The four candidates for leadership of the conservative Party of Canada (PPC) will face each other Wednesday in a debate in French. Distributed online, it will be dedicated to questions from the audience. Disrupted by the pandemic, the race to the estate of Andrew Scheer has been marked by the withdrawal of the candidate stars, including Jean Charest and Rona Ambrose. Presentation of the four contenders remaining.

The leaders

Peter Mackay, the leader-blundering

Conservative centrist, Peter Mackay is close to the legacy of Stephen Harper, of which he was successively the minister of foreign Affairs, of Defence and of Justice before becoming attorney-general of Canada, and then to return to the practice of law in Toronto.

The leader of the race, however, he multiplied the gaffes and is now closely followed by Erin O’toole.

Mackay promises to be ” the first minister of employment “, the one who will “bring home Canadians to work” to revive the economy of the countries hit hardest by the pandemic. It account for it to capitalize on the natural resource sectors and technologies.

More moderate than his opponents, the native of Nova Scotia ” is right, but not excessively, in the sense that it is not necessary to expect a discourse on the withdrawal of the State, for example “, explains Frédéric Boily, professor of political science at the University of Alberta.

Erin O’toole, the master strategist

Candidate the more strategic of the race, Erin O’toole wants to be the champion of Quebec, that he promises to respect the autonomy on immigration in particular, but also of the West for which he proposes a national law on ” pipelines strategic “.

This would ensure the construction and the quick approval of oil pipelines that are created ” in the national interest “.

Lawyer, O’toole represents the ontario riding of Durham, in the suburb of Toronto, since 2012. The Montreal-native brig, the leadership of the PCC for the second time.

This time, his campaign is a lot more to the right, and defends moral values, whereas the previous proposed ideas to the center, ” says Boily.

For the analyst, it is a ” dangerous game “, because to defend the social conservatism could cost him dear in a potential federal campaign.

The outsiders

Leslyn Lewis, the ufo

Woman, immigrant and holder of a doctorate in law and a masters in environment, Leslyn Lewis is a ufo within the CCP.

Dr. Lewis has never been elected even though she has campaigned twice in the region of Toronto, where she led a major law firm. His nomination was, therefore, created the surprise. It is supported by the Campaign Life Coalition, an organization antiavortement, as well as by an influential leader and evangelist Charles McVety.

“His campaign focuses on the family, in its traditional version,” notes the professor Boily.

An advocate for strengthening of borders which would better screen the immigration, Ms. Lewis is also against the carbon tax, just as his three opponents, which according to it does nothing to improve the environment, but does a disservice to the poor, the farmers and small businesses.

Derek Sloan, the outcast

Derek Sloan is the black sheep of the race. It was very nearly expelled from the conservative caucus in April after having suggested that the director-in-chief of the public Health agency of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam, born in Hong Kong, worked for China and not for Canada.

In the absence of ideas is particularly striking, “he uses the strategy of controversy to attract attention,” observes Mr. Boily.

Activist for social conservatism, it is close to the movements antiavortement and antivaccins, of the horses of battle of religious groups, including the seventh-day adventist Church, of which he is an active member.

He is the first seventh-day adventist elected to the House of commons. It represents from 2019 the riding of Hastings–Lennox and Addington, a rural region in southern Ontario.

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