French debate of the CCP: O’toole and MacKay to equality?

Débat en français du PCC: O’Toole et MacKay à égalité?

OTTAWA, The two leaders of the race to the leadership of the conservative Party of Canada (CPC), Peter MacKay and Erin O’toole, appeared to end the debate in French Wednesday night’s tie and were favored by the poor knowledge of the language of Molière from their rival side, Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis.

“I think it’s a draw between the two. MacKay seemed to have lost the momentum in the race for the last few months, then it is a good news for him,” ruled the political scientist Daniel Béland, director of the Institute of canadian studies at McGill University.

Mr. O’toole, minister of veterans affairs under the government of Stephen Harper, has managed to insist several times on its tailor-made proposals for attracting support in Quebec.

Notably, he repeated many times that he made a point of honor to respect provincial jurisdiction and to grant more autonomy to Quebec in matters of immigration. He also mentioned his promise to eliminate the GST on subscriptions, platforms such as in order to mitigate the disadvantage with the american giants such as Netflix.

Its main rival, the ex-Justice minister Peter Mackay has insinuated several times that Mr. O’toole does not give the right time on his positions on abortion, who would be the second choice of the conservatives social.

“Are you pro-life or pro-choice?”, he launched on a few occasions. The cacophony of debates to four, and the slow speech of the aspiring chefs burying almost mechanically to each other may have allowed Mr. O’toole to dodge these attacks.

“Thursday’s debate in English, however, will be even more important for all the candidates, especially Lewis and Sloan, who will only be more of the extras like tonight, because they will be able to speak without reading notes”, added the professor Béland.

In effect, the lawyer-in-toronto Leslyn Lewis, and deputy ontario novice Derek Sloan had their eyes glued to their notes and their slights in face-to-face were hard to follow.

“At the start of this leadership race, I could barely speak French. Now, I’m almost as good as those who learn French for years, has defended Mr. Sloan. That this is evidence of my determination and my passion that I have for this great nation.”

There are, however, likely that the positions clearly encamped to the right of this mp, who believes in particular that the Paris agreement on the climate at night in the national sovereignty of Canada, speak very little to an audience of quebec.

The two leaders have committed several blunders in the language of Molière, even if they were mitigated by those of the other aspiring chefs. Mr. MacKay has, among other things, said that he wanted to say, “a big “no” to the chinese Huawei for network development 5G in Canada and emphasized the importance of the “make essential” to the country by talking of personal protective equipment such as masks, which have become crucial because of the crisis of the COVID-19.

Mr. O’toole, who finished third in the previous race for the leadership of the CPC, has said that he supports “LGBTQ without reservation”.

But Ms. Lewis has committed odd especially notable in French. To a question on the natural resources, it has responded on a completely different topic, namely, the importance of the francophones to receive services in their mother tongue.

The debate was opened with the admission of the two leaders that their French is perfect.

“Tonight, I’m going to make mistakes, but I’m going to continue to improve myself”, said outright Erin O’toole, who presents himself as a “true blue”.

The debate Wednesday was the occasion for the two candidates who have a serious head start in the race to show they could go to seek votes in Quebec in the next federal election.

A master’s degree acceptable to the French is a vital asset for the members Quebec conservative prefer a would-be leader to another.

The Quebec account for 7800 points in the poll internal of the party on 33 800. Each district canadian is worth 100 points and the Beautiful Province brings together 78 out of 338.

The four aspiring chefs will intersect the iron in the language of Shakespeare Thursday night. The debates take place in Toronto without the public because of the crisis of the COVID-19.

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