French fries and burgers under serialchik: Sedokova showed how resting after a stormy party

Картофель фри и бургеры под сериальчик: Седокова показала, как отдыхает после бурной вечеринки

Anna Sedokova photo: Instagram

today, 04:40

The famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova December 16, celebrated his 37th birthday. At the family party gathered star friends of the singer, and the principal guest was her new lover – basketball player Janis timma.

Celebrity been dancing all night, but Trammel they were not festive frames. After celebrating Anna decided to relax a little. Star bought bought burgers and fries and included a favorite Turkish TV series.

These are not too presentable chances Sedokova was not going to hide from fans and published online a video of his night.

“Our man! After drinking McDuck under ceralock” – supported singer Internet users.

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True, many of the fans of the star reprimanded her for excesses in food, because it interferes with Anna to lose the extra pounds that she “acquired” after birth of third in spring 2017.

By the way, Sedokova not just started a diet and trained hard in the gym, however, it did not give great results. At the same time, the singer said that with her body it’s not so bad. Indisputable proof of this is the young lover Anna, who is younger than her 9 years.

Recall Sedokova with a young lover, intrigued by a strange recognition

As reported by the portal Know.ia Sedokova exchanged shoes with a young favorite

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, Anna Sedokova posted a very racy series of photos with a young son Hector

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