French rugby players affair: “He even urinated on him”, the chilling story from the victim’s lawyer

The two rugby players accused of rape in Argentina, Hugo Auradou, 20, and Oscar Jegou, 21, allegedly hit the alleged victim with “terrible” violence, according to the complainant's lawyer

French rugby players Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou must be presented to the Argentine courts in Mendoza, where they are accused of having raped a woman in their hotel this Saturday July 6, after a match of the XV of France.

The second line of Pau Hugo Auradou, and the third line of La Rochelle Oscar Jegou, were placed in police custody after their arrest this Monday, July 8 as part of the investigation opened for sexual violence.

They are expected in Mendoza, 1 100 kilometers from the capital Buenos Aires, where they must face justice. "He s&rsquo ;would constitute a particularly atrocious sexual abuse, with sexual intercourse, with the participation of two people, with violence, for both", declared in an interview with the AFP on Wednesday Me Natacha Romano, the lawyer for the 39-year-old complainant.

"She claims to have been beaten"

Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou have for their part “confirmed having had sexual intercourse with the young woman during the night but firmly denied any form of violence”, according to a press release from the French Rugby Federation published on Tuesday.

These sexual relations were “consensual”, the lawyer for the two rugby players, Rafael Cuneo Libarona, said on Wednesday, July 10 in Mendoza. “She claims she was beaten, hotel surveillance cameras say she wasn't”, he explained to several media outlets including AFP.

Police sources told AFP, on condition of anonymity, that the players had met the alleged victim in a bar. They allegedly consumed alcohol together, then the complainant, “feeling dizzy”, was allegedly taken to their hotel.

“He even urinated on her”

According to Me Natacha Romano's version, her client returned to the hotel with Hugo Auradou and realized that the invitation to have a drink was a trap. She then asked him to go to the bathroom. Still according to Mr. Romano, “he immediately grabs her, throws her on the bed, begins to undress her and starts to hit her savagely with a punch, the bruise of which is visible on the victim's face. He chokes her, to the point that she feels like she is going away.”

"Once the young woman can no longer defend herself, when she no longer has any chance of escape, she is sexually abused".  About an hour later, "enters the second, whose name is Oscar", assured the lawyer, accusing her of the same acts of violence and sexual abuse.

"Then this individual goes to take a bath, and Hugo continues to use her, giving her different blows. That is to say, she has bite marks, scratches, blows on her breasts, legs and marked ribs on her back. Until one of the two men falls asleep. She tries to escape at least five times . But Hugo wakes up and takes her back. He even urinated on her and it was only at 8:30 a.m. that she was able to get out of this situation and escape from the hotel. ;, she said again.

According to the Attorney General of Mendoza Daniela Chaler, "the complainant's testimony was quite long, complete, detailed and corresponded, for the moment, to the forensic conclusions". "The lesions are compatible with the victim's story but not necessarily exclusively the result of a sexual assault", added on the radio LV10 the magistrate who requested the provisional detention of the two players.

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