French team: Marcus Thuram goes to the front and follows in his father's footsteps

French team: Marcus Thuram goes to the front and follows in his father's footsteps

Marcus Thuram juge la situation “triste, très grave”. EPA – Caroline Blumberg

Comme son père Lilian autrefois, l’attaquant a appelé à combattre le Rassemblement National, samedi 15 juin.

Since the arrival of the Blues in Paderborn on Wednesday, the speech was expected. Faced with current political events in France, this victory of the National Rally in the European elections and the prospect of a victory for the extreme right in the next legislative elections (June 29-30 and July 6-7), some preferred to kick into touch, "there to talk football". Others had called for "to go vote". Until Marcus Thuram appeared on Saturday, in front of the media, to take the lead from the first question. Like his father Lilian before him.

"Fighting so that the RN does not pass"

"The situation is sad, very serious. I learned that after (the friendly against) Canada (last Sunday). We were all a little shocked in the locker room. This is the sad reality of society today. Messages are conveyed every day on TV to help this party pass", pointed out the Inter Milan striker.

Then the recent champion of Italy delivered his message. "As Ousmane (Dembélé) said, we have to go vote and above all as citizens, you, me, we have to fight on a daily basis not to not that it happens again, so that the RN does not pass."

The commitment of Marcus Thuram is not new. In June 2020, while at Borussia Mönchengladbach, he knelt in tribute to George Floyd, an African-American killed during a police check in Minneapolis.

When Lilian responded to Jean-Marie Le Pen

This battle against racism obviously finds its roots in the father, Lilian. Member in particular of the High Council for Integration since 2002, while he was still playing, the former 1998 world champion defender is a fervent activist in the fight against discrimination.

A fight waged in particular in 2006. Already in Germany, during the World Cup, Lilian Thuram took to the podium to respond to Jean-Marie Le Pen, president of the National Front, ancestor of the RN. "If you meet him, tell him that we are proud to be French. Long live France. The truth. I mean: the one that exists, he replied to the politician who considered the number of black players in blue too high.

Saturday, his son followed suit. "Growing up with him, I feel responsible for keeping these kinds of messages", Marcus explained, confiding his fear in the face of a "big world problem".

By taking a stand, a rarity among the Blues, he took on a new role as spokesperson. At 26, he takes it on, without forcing his partners' hands. "I have no doubt that everyone shares my vision on things in the France team. […] I am here because, thanks to my father, I have enough control over this situation to be able to talk about it." And take up the torch of the fight .

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