Friends give air conditioners

Des amis donnent des climatiseurs

Several seniors in need do not suffer from the heat as four good samaritans montreal have provided valuable air-conditioners in the last few days.

“They have saved my parents,” says Peggy Stamatoukos, which has received the air conditioner for sick parents last Tuesday.

It remains with his father, 77-year-old and her mother, 71-year-old in an apartment sector Parc-Extension in Montreal. The two are sick and are suffering particularly from respiratory problems and diabetes.

“Our air conditioner broke last year. With the COVID, I lost my job and I didn’t know where to find the money to buy a new one. There, my parents will be able to breathe properly this summer. I am relieved, ” said Ms. Stamatoukos.

Since last Friday, Leah Lasry and his friend Benny Graur have started the distribution of air conditioners to seniors who need it in their apartment, in a residence for the elderly, and even in the accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLD).

They have been raised, notably thanks to four donors who have decided to offer $ 10,000 each, of which Mrs. Lasry is a part.

More than 70 air-conditioners had already been delivered on Thursday.

Stay away from the hospital

Alfred McLean in front of the MUHC, he hopes to visit less often with his new air conditioner.

“It’s going to help keep me away from the hospital. I have a mechanical heart because my heart is functioning at 5 % and I have to take 49 pills a day to take care of myself. The heat can be very damaging in my state, ” says Alfred McLean, 62 years, who will have a camera air freshener for the first time in his life.

The man who lives in the shadow of the olympic Stadium, in the east of the metropolis, was looking forward to this weekend because a friend needs to come help install it.

“You can’t imagine how my life has changed with this assistance,” continued Mr. McLean, who was hospitalized at the McGill university health Centre (MUHC) when he met with The Newspaper to show their appreciation.

It is not the only one in this situation.

“Last Friday, my mother of 87 years has been an angina attack. When the paramedics came to take her in his room, it was explained to me that it was hot despite the fans and that is probably what has triggered the crisis, ” says Joanna Kotopoulis, who received an air conditioner for her mother.

“I had filled out a request on the eve of the crisis. I was surprised to receive a call and the device Monday. It will be comfortable this summer and it relieves me, ” says Ms. Kotopoulis, who lives with his mother in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

Leah Lasry decided to get involved in this cause after having been appalled by the fate of the elderly in NURSING homes during the crisis of the COVID-19. And because by then the government has been slow to put in place the air-conditioning of rooms.

“It is unfortunate that people in the private as well as me [be] obliged to take the things in hand. Our seniors have contributed all their lives to our company. They should be well it, ” says Ms. Lasry, who works as a financial consultant.

Single mothers

Among the requests she receives, trying to target the people most vulnerable because of their health status or their income.

Her friends, and she also want to keep 30 of the 300 air conditioners to offer in the coming weeks for single mothers.

In addition to her work, Ms. Lasry made daily the round of the shops to buy the precious devices. It is even made up to Salaberry-de – Valleyfield, in Montérégie, more than 60 km from her home, to recover 11 air conditioners, the maximum amount that can contain the vehicle.

Until Wednesday, she was in the carriage with her husband and friends. A delivery company, QA Courier is dealing with it now and for free.

“It is important to help others. I was raised in a middle-class family who gave me this value. I’m happy to help as I can, ” concludes Ms. Lasry.

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