Friendship of a robot and a human: how was shooting the film “Fokster and Max”

The film was made by Anatoly Mateshko

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Дружба робота и человека: как снимали фильм "Фокстер и  Макс"

A scene from the movie “Fokster and Max”

On the big screens on 19 September it turns out the Ukrainian family fantasy film “Fokster and Max.” Movie trailer of the adventures of a boy and dog-superhero already appeared in the network.

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In the story the schoolboy Max finds a can of nanocracks and draws a picture of a dog. Unexpectedly drawn boy graffiti comes to life and turns into a dog-nanorobot with superpowers. Find out about this dangerous criminal, who begins to hunt them. The film’s Director Anatoly Mateshko.

Besides many devices, spy gadgets and talkative ultra-modern robots, the film will show favorite and familiar places of Kiev, sounds of the modern Ukrainian music. The picture will allow the viewer to get bored: here and racing on the freeway, and an exciting chase with the elements of parkour, and extreme scenes on the roof of the flats.

Дружба робота и человека: как снимали фильм "Фокстер и  Макс"

The crew of the film “Foxter and Max”

This debut film will be for young actors from Kyiv – Bohdan Koziy and Vitaly Turchin. Their heroes in the team with superobama Foxterm will resist the criminals and save the world. In the film was played by Ukrainian actress Daria Polunin, the heroine of which, in fact, created the nanobots, as well as Polish actor Tomasz Oswiecinski, the protagonist is Myron is the embodiment of this “universal evil.” In addition, the film uwist young Ukrainian actor – Maxim Samchiki hero, which doubt, which direction to choose: good or evil.

Recently the film was presented to Directors, bookers and PR managers of cinemas, which noted that the tape – a worthy competitor to Hollywood blockbusters, a good movie that covers a wide audience: children, and adult.

The production of the film “Fokster and Max” is engaged in film Prоnto Film, worked over the script by canadian screenwriter Scott Parisien and Anastasia Mateshko.

Earlier in the network appeared the first trailer of the Ukrainian family sci-Fi film “Fokster and Max.” In the video the main character of the movie dog superhero Fokster appears for the first time in 3D work.

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Дружба робота и человека: как снимали фильм "Фокстер и  Макс"

Дружба робота и человека: как снимали фильм "Фокстер и  Макс"

Дружба робота и человека: как снимали фильм "Фокстер и  Макс"


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