Frightened the tiger into a house and fell asleep on the bed

Employees of Park Kaziranga drugged predator with a tranquilizer and transported to the forest

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Испуганный тигр залез в жилой дом и уснул на кровати

The tiger was afraid of the floods and climbed in the house

The official Twitter account of the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) had a picture of a tiger that had broken into the house of the people of India. As representatives of Fund of the wild nature, the beast ran away from Kaziranga National Park in Assam due to floods, caused by monsoon rains, and in this way wanted to escape. Caretakers for the animals claim that they were preparing to move animals to a safer place, however, the tiger ahead of their intentions.

In addition, from the National Park and also escaped rhinoceros, deer and elephants. The experts noted that more than 95 percent of the reserve was under water due to heavy rains. Management on disaster management in Assam recorded from 13 to 18 July, 83 cases of death of animals in the floods.

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The Kaziranga Park staff and local veterinarians arrived at the scene to euthanize the predator with a tranquilizer and transported to the forest. They waited for dusk and blocked the road to conduct a rescue operation.

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