From accountant to monster truck driver

From accountant to monster truck driver


A trained accountant and owner of a welding business, Cynthia Gauthier took advantage of the pandemic to reorient herself towards her passion: driving monster trucks. em> 

The decision of the Quebecer is part of the increasingly well-known movement of the great resignation. 

Her new vocation: the monster trucks. These are huge cars that stand over 10 feet tall and cost up to $250,000. 

For seven years, Cynthia Gauthier has been touring the world to chain giant truck competitions. 

“I have way too much energy to be in an office for 8-10 a.m.”, explains the young woman live from San Antonio where she will compete this weekend. 

The decision to leave a stable job was not easy for the young woman. 

“Of course it was a sacrifice for me to leave accounting. It's a good job and I made a good salary, but sometimes you have to take risks,” she admits. 

If the driver made a lower salary when she entered the world of monster truck, she now says “living very well”. 

Cynthia Gauthier loves the competition offered by the monster truck, comparing the sport to that of NASCAR. 

The driver even points out that collisions often lead to additional points on the jury's side. “It's really fun, I managed to do backflips almost every weekend,” she says. 

See the full interview in the video above

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