From “Crying” to “Palala”: soloists Kazka said, what songs will sound in the new album

От “Плакала” до “Палала”: солисты Kazka рассказали, какие песни прозвучат в новом альбоме


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In autumn the band Kazka pleased their fans with the news that the guys have finished recording their long-awaited second album under the name Nirvana. And New year present for fans will be the release of new songs – presentation of the album is scheduled for December 27.

Recently, the musicians posted on YouTube “Palla” – the first song from the album, which has now gathered more than 750 thousand views. The track promises to be a hit. But whether he will repeat the success of “Crying” – time will tell.

Znayu asked Zaritskaya and Alexandra, Nikita and Dima Budesa of Misuraca what they think about it.

In your opinion, Nirvana is the song that could surpass the success of “Crying”?

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Sasha: seriously, the new album is definitely not a new “Cry”. But there are songs that we are sure will be hits and will be loved by listeners around the world. We have invested in their soul.

Dima: For us, the presentation of the new album is a kind of test, because in the previous there was a song like “Crying”, the stakes are higher than ever.

Nikita: At the same time, the new album is a chance to show what we have become today. From the moment of the presentation of the Karma the past few years. During this time we have had hundreds of concerts, dozens of countries and cities worldwide, thousands of spectators and millions of views on YouTube. As we got older, changed, several times survived the UPS and downs. We want to share this baggage with the audience.

От “Плакала” до “Палала”: солисты Kazka рассказали, какие песни прозвучат в новом альбоме

group KAZKA

What song is the most special and why? What’s new sound in the album, when compared to the previous songs?

Dima: In this album we all have different favorites. Perhaps this suggests that it will be very versatile. My favorites “Two crow” and “Palla”, which I’m sure you’ve heard. I hope you left on YouTube underneath the track comment, like you?

Nikita: the Most special and personal song for me – “Yak PEC”. From the new album will be a lot of analog synths and a variety of styles. Compared to the previous it will be more fun and tancevalnye.

Sasha: Very difficult to choose a favorite song after working on it for so long. But I would like to mention the song “the Case”. It was not easy to write because in it you will hear not a rosy success story, and an honest story about the trials that Kazka has experienced over the last several years.

От “Плакала” до “Палала”: солисты Kazka рассказали, какие песни прозвучат в новом альбоме


Why did you choose to present it’s first track “Palla” from the album? It is always a difficult choice – songs, which have the potential to become a hit. Who took the final decision?

Sasha: the Decision we took all together. And so like trying to determine the fate of a song – idea ungrateful, we just relied on intuition. Now waiting for your reviews, if it worked.

Your producer Yuri Nikitin, listening to the album told you?

Dima: I guess we did! After all this time together with us he worked on it.

Nikita: Or: cool job!

Sasha: Or something that we expect great things!

От “Плакала” до “Палала”: солисты Kazka рассказали, какие песни прозвучат в новом альбоме

Sasha Zaritskaya and Yuri Nikitin

With any of the artists Kazka would sing a duet with?

Sasha: for anybody not a secret that I am a fan of Rihanna. I hope that someday we will sing together!

Nikita: for her Sake, I am also willing to sing with Rihanna!

Dima: I am! But just for you, Sash. So would never.

Sasha: Where would I be without you.

Soon on the YouTube channel of the group will be published another song from the new album. Its output – 5 Dec.

We will remind, earlier KAZKA forced “to cry” is not only a Ukraine – Russia has made a rating of the songs that most people have been looking for years, and “Crying” took first place!

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