“From dream to reality”: a new song for the 20th anniversary of “Star Académie”

“From dream to reality”: a new song for the 20th anniversary of «Star Académie»


To mark the 20th anniversary of the first edition of Star Académie, Academicians found themselves at the initiative of Suzie Villeneuve to record the song From dream to reality, which is accompanied by a clip and interviews on the singer and entrepreneur's YouTube channel.

Two decades ago, on February 16, 2003, the musical competition made its appearance in the TVA schedule, becoming a real phenomenon and a breeding ground for unearthing new vocal talent.

The winner of this first cohort, Wilfred LeBouthillier, now 44, is part of this project, which also includes the voices of his friends François Babin, Jean-François Bastien, Émily Bégin, Maritza Bossé-Pelchat, Dave Bourgeois, Pascal Nguyen Deschênes, Élyse Robineault, Martin Rouette, Suzie Villeneuve and Marie-Élaine Thibert.

Marie-Élaine Thibert

It was Suzie Villeneuve who, last November, had the idea of ​​bringing together his comrades from 

Suzie Villeneuve

Star Académie to sing with them on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of tele-hook. She composed the lyrics and the music (with Guy Tourville) for From dream to reality, a piece celebrating the friendship that was woven through this incredible experience. The song, a new earworm that stays on top of the 2003 theme song, And it's not over, is available on streaming platforms and it will certainly play on commercial radio.

Dave Bourgeois

“The song is used to say thank you to the public, because people have made this completely crazy experience change our lives,” said Suzie Villeneuve in an interview with the QMI Agency.

Émily Bégin

The clip, which includes archival footage and recordings made during the recording of the song at Studio Tangerine, in Montreal, is available on Suzie Villeneuve's YouTube channel, where the curious can also watch various interviews.

Absence of Marie-Mai and Annie Villeneuve

Two Academicians from the first season are missing, Marie-Mai and Annie Villeneuve, Suzie's twin sister.

François Babin

“Marie-Mai and Annie chose not to be there for reasons of their own, I don't even have to give you any, it's a matter of career choice. Everyone received the invitation,” said Suzie Villeneuve who, during the interview, held her son Édouard in her arms, born almost eight months ago.

Élyse Robineault

Singer and entrepreneur , who is in the process of writing a new album and who continues the tour of the show Un certain souvenir dedicated to the great successes of Michel Louvain, left Star Académie of his own chef after five weeks at the Academy, a choice she assumes.

Pascal Nguyen Deschênes

“I have never regretted. In fact, I regretted for a split second when I saw them leave for Vegas on a private jet the following week to see Celine Dion. I was looking for myself a lot, but life gave me the opportunity to make choices and today, I realize that this experience was the richest humanly speaking. And it's much clearer […] why I didn't feel good. The interview on my YouTube channel will perhaps soothe precisely this dramatic side that people received at the time.”

Jean-François Bastien

She put music aside for years, before to come back to the fore by participating in the 8th season of La Voix. She then climbed to the final in Garou's team. Since then, the projects have been linked for the one who will celebrate her 40th birthday next May.

Suzie Villeneuve's show-conference is also available on her website. She also launched her first book, From Head to Heart, last fall.