From Taisia’s nothing left are ridiculed, unnatural looking Povaliy

От Таисии ничего не осталось, - в сети высмеяли неестественный вид Повалий

Taisiya Povaliy, photos Instagram

today, 20:13

People’s artist of Ukraine Taisia Povaliy, who now lives and works in Russia, was not a supporter of natural beauty. Space often used the services of plastic surgeons to maintain their youth. This led to the fact that today Taisia Povaliy little left.

Recently Povaliy has published in his Instagram a new self, where the singer appeared with bright makeup and a happy face.

Photo Taisiya reflected at home on the background of the clock and the pictures hanging on the wall.

“The girl of the house) make-up listening to the album,” commented self them.

Photo Taisiya just don’t know: big plump lips, taut skin, no wrinkles and white smile. So to look for them, apparently, had no time to seek the help of experts.

However, such Taisiya fans did not like. They said they hardly recognized the woman well-known singer.

“As multi – not naturally … from Taisia’s nothing there in this photo”;

“What have you done to yourself? It’s awful, unpleasant to look at. You flatter, and after laughing”;

“I do not understand why so photoshop photo, well it is clear that grandma is 60 years could look like”

“Oh my God !!!! With great difficulty recognize you”, – write fans.

Members advise them not to get involved with beauty shots and rely on mother nature, for now, alive.

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