From Thailand wanted to move the international ski Congress in connection with the country’s sex industry

З Таїланду хотіли перенести міжнародний лижний конгрес через зв'язок країни з секс-індустрією

The FIS Congress will be held in Pattaya in 2020

The head of the Federation of ski races of Norway Eric Grows demanded to postpone the Congress of the International Federation of ski sports (FIS) from Thailand, Pattaya is in the connection of country and city with the sex industry.

Increases, which is also a member of FIS, achieved a re-vote on the venue of the Congress. But the second time the FIS representatives again voted in favor of the city.

“I’m sorry about that. FIS delivers the absolutely wrong signal. I do not like to argue, but in this case I am sure that the decision is absolutely wrong. All due to the fact that Pattaya for many years been associated only with the sex industry. So I wanted that Congress passed in another place.

International sports organization should not put themselves in that uncomfortable position. It harms our reputation and all the good and right decisions that we make to Congress will be overshadowed by the venue,” – said Growing.

The FIS Congress will be held in Pattaya in 2020.

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