From the dictionary: Meghan Markle was a new embarrassment

The name of the Duchess is used as a verb to mean “to ban”

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Попала в словарь: с Меган Маркл произошел новый конфуз

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, wife of the Duke of Sussex, unexpectedly hit the British dictionary of urban slang Urban Dictionary. It happened a few months ago, but the public learned about the incident just now.

The authors of lexicographic publications write that the name of the Duchess is used as a verb to mean “ban” and stop to chat with someone when you are not satisfied with something. According to media reports, this “glory” Megan was due to her conduct in the Royal family, particularly because of the rumors about the difficult relationship with Kate Middleton and the staff, as well as a public quarrel with his father.

“She “meganpacella” his friends when he became famous,” “She, “meganpacella” their sisters from the Bronx”,— quotes the dictionary of slang usage examples of the new verb.

Some users in the online discussion about this word called him ruthless and shocking.

Earlier, the Duchess of Sussex, said that does not need the services of the Royal of obstetricians, accusing them of “men in suits”. Thus, insulting the Royal doctors. Also Meghan Markle rude Australian actor and comedian.

Watch the video that Meghan Markle accused of profligacy:

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