From the mouth of a Cobra came out of a 90-centimeter snake: incredible video

The incident occurred in one of the Indian cities

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Из пасти кобры вылезла 90-сантиметровая змея: невероятное видео

Cobra fright threw up another snake

A resident of the Indian city Khurda stated in his reptile house and immediately called the organization of Solovov Snake Helpline. Arrived at the specialists dug a hole and kicked out the hissing snake with a length of 1.2 meters. When the man grabbed her by the tail, the frightened reptile spit up their prey – 90-inch Cobra. Video shot by a witness, was published on the website Newsflare.

“Cannibalism is normal behavior for cobras — said the founder of the Snake Helpline to Subhendu Mallik. — When the snake feels threatened, it gets rid of the eaten and is desperate to escape.”

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By the way, the Indian Cobra can vary from 1.5 to two meters in length. Their venom contains substances that affect the Central nervous system, and dangerous to humans. Nine percent of people bitten by a snake spectacled die even after receiving the antidote.

We will remind, earlier “Today” wrote, as in Thailand, a local resident returned home and found a huge reptile under the sink: Python was preparing to digest the cat who just swallowed. We also wrote about the giant Python that the video regurgitated from the Board.

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