From the sea to the plate: restaurants where fish is king!

From the sea to the plate: restaurants where fish is king!


Whether grilled, poached, confit or roasted, enhanced with a sauce Vierge, with cream, a savory broth or a white butter sauce, fish has all the potential to become the star of your dinner. 

All you need is fresh fish from sustainable fishing, just cooking, seasoning to perfection, as well as some clever toppings to boost the protein, and you're done.

Because that's easier said than done, here are some great restaurants where the fish is put on a pedestal! 


At Ikanos, each species of fish is treated with great care; so much so that the chef lets them parade inside a glazed aging chamber for a few weeks! Like aged meat, fish develops complex umami flavors, while making the flesh both firm and tender. Tuna, salmon, halibut and sea bass can all be tasted – sometimes dressed in sashimi, or grilled on one of the only Josper charcoal ovens in town. A unique experience to live!

112, rue McGill, Montréal 

Boca Iberica 

For more than 10 years, the charming Portuguese table Boca Iberica has been delighting its customers with only the best seafood. Manuel, the founding chef, who recently handed over the restaurant to his son, Andy, taught him good manners, in particular the search for the freshest possible fish. Whole grilled sea bass, grilled cod served with Portuguese rice, monkfish in bouillabaisse, halibut in carpaccio… The menu changes every week, depending on arrivals. We must not leave the premises without having put our fingers on the famous fried calamari!

12, rue Rachel East, Montreal 

The Mermaid of the Sea 

Far from the spotlight, the restaurant La Sirène de la Mer offers a wide variety of fresh fish on the menu, prepared in a simple and concise way. The Mediterranean atmosphere is felt from the first moment thanks to the chic and bright decor, then transposes itself into the abundant plates of fish, seafood, vegetables and olive oil. 

< p>The restaurant also serves as a fishmonger: hard to ask for better, right?

114 Dresden Avenue, Mont-Royal 

Restaurant Cru 

In the register of “less traditional, but quite delicious” fish dishes, the Restaurant Cru, located in Saint-Lambert, is a great address to discover. The creativity of chef Nicolas Salinas is in order, cooking vertebrates almost exclusively with local and seasonal products. Tuna steak cooked a bit like a meat with maïtake mushrooms and truffles, charcoal-grilled sea bass enhanced with a salad of garden herbs, or Gaspésie halibut steak with peas and bacon are some examples of dishes that evolve over time.

585, avenue Victoria, Saint-Lambert

Tommy Dion is a columnist/food critic and founder of the web platform and gourmet guide