Fromagerie Bergeron: two of the best cheeses in the world

The Six Percent and Le Calumet were crowned among the best in the world in their category during the 33rd World Championship Cheese Contest 2020 which took place from March 3 to 5 in Wisconsin, in the United States.
T he Six Percent first won second place in the light cheese category and Le Calumet stood out by taking third place in the smoked cheese category. The two winning cheeses are made from 100% Canadian milk.

In total, more than 3,500 products from 26 countries participated this year in the competition. “We regularly participate in global and national competitions to compare our products with what is done elsewhere,” said Roger Bergeron, president of Fromagerie Bergeron. “Over the years and with the experience we have, I am proud to see that we are performing fairly well,” he added.

The Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly cheese factory also stood out at the World Cheese Awards in Italy and the British Empire Cheese Show in 2019.

Although he is often asked questions about the export issue, Mr. Bergeron explains that because of the “expensive” price of Canadian milk, it is still not his plans to see his products outside Canada. “The only product that we may think of exporting in the future is Louis Cyr, which has the capacity to be an aging cheese,” says the master cheese maker.


The St. Laurent Distillery won the honors with its St. Laurent Acerum at the Craft Spirits Festival which took place in Berlin on March 7 and 8. The Rimouski distillery was selected in the “Outstanding Innovation” category at the event, one of the largest gatherings of artisan distillers in Europe. The Bas-St-Laurent team was awarded the most prestigious mention of the competition, rewarding the company that presents the most innovative spirit. The jury also awarded a gold medal to the St. Laurent Acerum, “a noble brandy that reveals the delicate and refined aromas of distilled maple sap”. The other companies nominated in the category were from Austria and Denmark.

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