FSTVL HAHAHA: More a channel than a festival

FSTVL HAHAHA: Plus une chaîne télé qu’un festival

A lot of exclusives, a little warmed up. This is what was proposed Thursday for the first of four evenings of the new digital festival Just for laughs.

Put on foot in a few weeks, the FSTVL HAHAHA offers a total of 18 shows up to Sunday, almost all pre-recorded. Is that such a formula works for a digital festival ?

Yes and no. The benefits of tours in advance, with a fitting tight, to help avoid the most possible the dead time. But the absence of direct removes users the impression of being part of a true festival.

“Nothing is going to replace the living arts. The reaction of the public live I miss… ” has commented on a user in the chat rooms of the festival.

The FSTVL HAHAHA began on Thursday, at 18 h, with Charles Beauchesne, who has delivered excellent performance in which he speaks of the black plague. Small problem however, the comedian had already played the same show in a Facebook live, and free, at the beginning of April. For the next exclusive, we revert.

The first time the original happened with the segment of the trio, David Beaucage-Danick Martineau-Kevin Raphael, who offered an entertaining newsletter sports news, including an exciting race with balls.

Back in the past

Since this Sports 40-Taine was just over 30 minutes, Just for laughs, decided to fill the next half hour in playing a number of Réal Béland in a gala… of 2003. Funny, but warmed up.

Jean-Sébastien Girard followed with Back to their first gala, where Rosalie Vaillancourt, Jean-Thomas Jobin and Jean-François Mercier have looked at, and analyzed, their very first visit to Just for laughs. A very interesting which could go to the tv.

Without any live interaction with the public, in addition to the chat, the first evening of FSTVL HAHAHA we have further given the impression of watching a tv channel comedy than attend a ” digital festival “. But the event has achieved its goal to make us forget about the pandemic during a few hours.

  • The FSTVL HAHAHA will continue Friday evening until Sunday. hahaha.com/fr/fstvl-hahaha
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