Full moon April 19: that in no case can not be done on this day

The full moon will occur on April 19 in 14 hours 12 minutes Moscow time

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Полнолуние 19 апреля: что ни в коем случае нельзя делать в этот день

The full moon will occur on April 19

The full moon is the most controversial phase of the moon. During this period, people have enhanced the emotional background, sensitivity and worsen pathology. Experts say that the full moon affects people and animals, and even plants. Therefore, on April 19 many of us will disturb nervousness, vanity, haste and psychological discomfort. The sun will add to this period of excitement, unexpected changes and freedom of choice, say the astrologers.

“Today” write how you want to spend the full moon period of April 19, as well as, what not to do in this day.

Full moon 19 April will be in Libra 14 hours 12 minutes Moscow time. It is important to preserve the harmony of the inner world with the external, and be temperate in all things. It is not necessary to go into extremes, it is more important to maintain a balance.

According to astrologers, this full moon is dangerous, that you can start racking up the memories of unpleasant events of the past, you can become too emotional and sensitive. Therefore, on 19 April try to control your words and emotions, do not be hasty.

What not to do on April 19

  • To take it easy. Both physical and psychological stress can permanently drive into the stress. If fate puts you to the test, then think of problems as opportunities to gain new experience.
  • Conflict. Small claims can develop into a big argument, cause enmity. In these days you need to follow their emotions and not allow negativity to prevail.
  • To give vent to emotions. Emotional impulses in this day can cause serious problems not only in relationships but also in other spheres of life.
  • Money matters, to engage in dubious adventures. This day is quite dangerous for the financial Affairs and monetary issues, there is a risk to face a deceit, fraud.

We will remind, in what appears magical influence of the full moon. In addition, we wrote how solar and lunar eclipses affect people: what can and cannot be done these days.

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