Funding policy more difficult during the pandemic

Financement politique plus difficile pendant la pandémie

The main federal political parties all have collected less money this spring compared to last winter, with the exception of the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh, who has managed to increase its funding during the period of the pandemic.

Liberals, conservatives, and bloquistes, themselves, have had to settle for lesser contributions compared to the last quarter, according to figures released Friday by Elections Canada for the least April, may and June.

The conservative Party remains by far the grand champion of political fundraising, but its coffers are less trimmed than in the winter.

The training has raised more than$ 4.4 Million in contributions from individuals and transfers to other political entities between January and march 2020, but has cashed in just over$ 4 Million for April to June. This is a decrease of around 8%.

The liberal Party, the difference is even more important. The party of the prime minister Justin Trudeau has gone from nearly$ 3.2 Million to$ 2.6 Million, a difference of 17% between the two balance sheets on a quarterly basis.

The financing of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet has also been more difficult during the pandemic.

Of the 204 000$ collected during the first months of the year, the number has grown to 134 000$: a fall of 34%.

Among the four main political parties, the NDP is the only one who has seen its funding take a better. The left party had not even crossed the million mark this winter, while it can boast of a balance spring to 1.3 million today.

On the federal scene, all parties who have obtained more than 2% of the votes across the country are forced to produce such a report each quarter.

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