Funny doll Hollywood: what complexes do not give Jolie sleep

Смешная кукла Голливуда: какие комплексы не дают Джоли спокойно спать

today, 11:42

World famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie admitted to reporters that even she has complexes. Recognition celebrity struck fans.

It is reported by foreign portal Urbanette.

It is known that Angelina Jolie has long been recognized as the most beautiful woman on the planet. Despite the change of trends, tastes and preferences of people, the actress is still at the peak of popularity and many girls even try to be her with plastic surgery.

Смешная кукла Голливуда: какие комплексы не дают Джоли спокойно спать

Angelina Jolie

Thus, the Hollywood star confessed about the presence of the complexes. It turned out that the complexes are concerned, Jolie is beyond the conventional understanding of the dissatisfaction with my appearance.

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The actress admitted that sometimes feels funny doll, especially when out in public. Jolie immediately added that there is an effective remedy against this complex.

Смешная кукла Голливуда: какие комплексы не дают Джоли спокойно спать

Angelina Jolie, photo:

Her only consolation are the children themselves. After all, when Angelina comes home, they run to meet her with open arms. It is in these moments she realizes that she is special and complexes disappear by themselves.

Her beauty is enchanting like a magnet that keeps all the views, but it is clear that she is a little introvert. Her gestures and her walk is so graceful that shoot people off guard, especially considering the fact that her sophisticated public persona known dualistically personalities: she’s a biker chick, a humanitarian activist and a mother who are United into one. For her, the seemingly opposite interests and dedication to, few people actually understand who the real Angelina.

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