Funny photo: found in the supermarket “meat with the face of Putin”

Packed a piece of steak looks like a face President, says Matt Gordon

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Курьезное фото: в супермаркете нашли "мясо с лицом Путина"

At the supermarket, found “the meat with the face of Putin”

39-year-old musician Matt Gordon, buying in the supermarket Aldi (located in Croydon, South of London in the UK) a dessert with tea, next to the meat Department noticed a strange steak of Angus beef from Aberdeen Angus producer. According to the man, apparently this is Packed piece of meat was like the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Курьезное фото: в супермаркете нашли "мясо с лицом Путина"

The buyer noticed the face of Putin’s steak Aberdeen Angus

“I couldn’t believe it. The resemblance was amazing. The steak was similar to Vladimir Putin. I walked past it several times, and each time he looked more like the President of the Russian Federation”, – says the artist tabloid The Sun.

Курьезное фото: в супермаркете нашли "мясо с лицом Путина"

Vladimir Putin

As reports the edition, premium piece of meat cost shopping for three pound, which in terms of our money – about 95 UAH.

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Earlier “Today” wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin after direct line, 20 June, answering the curious question of the journalist, admitted that he prefers to eat okroshka on kvass (the dish is also often prepared with kefir).

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