Funny video: a Seagull stole inattentive tourist

The bird tried to steal a lobster roll for 21.5 per dollar, the woman claims.

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 05:21

Курьезное видео: чайка обокрала невнимательную туристку

A Seagull stole the tourist’s food

34-year-old Alicia Jessop, Professor of the University of California (sash), accidentally got a picture of a Seagull steals her a lobster roll. According to the woman, this curious incident occurred in one of the most popular institutions in New England, where she bought a dish at 21.5 the dollar and decided to capture the food on the background of beautiful scenery nearby. But in the process interfered a hungry bird. A funny picture Alicia posted on his Twitter page.

Watch the video: bird stole money from the store

In an interview with The Guardian, the American said that he had heard stories about people making crazy shots, and realized that she has turned into such a person. “You just spent 21.5 to the dollar,” said Jessop.

The teacher decided to try a roll and made another order, which this time ate itself. According to her, the roll was delicious and was worth the money.

Earlier “Today” wrote, as in the Chilean city of Andacollo until the reporter spoke with the woman who baked the empanadas, the dog took advantage of the fact that people engaged in conversation, and quietly stole one of the pies lying in front of them. In addition, we talked about how the bird broke the glass and stole food from the plates of the famous football player.

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Курьезное видео: чайка обокрала невнимательную туристку

Курьезное видео: чайка обокрала невнимательную туристку

Курьезное видео: чайка обокрала невнимательную туристку


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